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HOLDING COURT:Blue Met With Several NFT Collections To Talk Legends Of The Mara. Here's What We Know

The table is set, the cards are dealt, and the gang's all here as Blue the Koda addressed the Otherside Council before the fight for the Otherside begins later this summer during the Legends of the Mara!

Thursday was anything but boring around the Yugaverse as Blue gathered the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Meebits, World Of Women, Hv-MTLS, Mutant Hounds, CryptoToadz, Renga, 10KTF, and Forgotten Rune Wizards to discuss the evil shattered and the fate of the Otherside.

“Bridge worlds. Close ranks. Slay Shattered. Tame Otherside,” Yuga Labs tweeted from its OthersideMeta account.

While nothing is confirmed, it seems more likely than not that these projects are the third party PFP collections that Yuga Labs said would be enlisted as reinforcements during the Legends of The Mara game this summer.

"Owning one of these battle ally NFTs creates more ways to vanquish the Shattered and gather their treasures," Yuga Labs tweeted from its OthersideMeta account on May 30th.

Further, the table that Blue was at today and the constellation that Yuga Labs shared during its May 30th thread are the same.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of today’s Legends of The Mara posts from the various NFT collections at the table. Stay tuned for updates!

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