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Horizen Labs' Dean Steinbeck Tweeted His Thoughts On A Staking Bug Bounty Program. See What He Wrote

As the ApeCoin DAO debates whether to hold a bug bounty program prior to $Ape staking going live, ApeCoin DAO Special Council Member and Co-Founder of Horizen Labs, Dean Steinbeck, weighed in.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, on October 13th, Special Council member Maaria Bajwa took to the ApeCoin DAO message board and wrote a draft Ape Improvement Proposal titled “Bug Bounty Program For AIP-21.”

In her proposal, Bajwa recommended that the ApeCoin DAO create a bug bounty program and allocate 1 million $Ape to it.

“The upcoming staking program is a significant allocation of treasury resources and will require smart contract interaction from APE holders,” Bajwa wrote. “The bounty program adds an additional layer of security and decreases the risk to APE holders and the DAO.”

Bajwa goes on to write that the creation of this bug bounty program would delay the ApeCoin DAO’s staking system by 2-4 weeks.

“Though bounty programs can often be months long, we propose a 2-4 week program prior to staking going live,” Bajwa wrote. “This offers sufficient time to surface vulnerabilities while still allowing staking to go live in a timely manner. If no vulnerabilities are found after the period, we propose that staking should go live, and the bounty program remain in place.”

Following Bajwa’s post, Bored Ape Yacht Club Member A-Raving-Ape.Eth took to Twitter and voiced their frustration with what they see as another staking delay.

“They’re killin me fr,” A-Raving-Ape tweeted. “A date was announced and now council wants to squeeze this in last minute? @Crypto_Counsel- the staking contract has already been audited, correct? - is it normal for a buy bounty to find additional vulnerabilities 0.o”

Following A-Raving-Ape’s post, Steinbeck, who’s company was tasked with building the $Ape staking system, replied with his opinion on a bug bounty program.

“Yes, there has been an audit,” Steinbeck said. “I’ll defer to others with respect to the need for a bug bounty. Other than a minor delay I see no downside. But that’s for the community to decide.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this draft AIP and will let you know if a bug bounty program is created. You can read Bajwa's full draft AIP here:

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