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HOT 'DAM': The ApeCoin DAO Approved Of MachiBigBrother's DAM Collection AIP Last Night!

It was a 'DAM' big night at the ApeCoin DAO yesterday as the community voted in favor of creating the Digital Art Movement, with a record-setting 24 million $Ape cast!

On Wednesday, the ApeCoin DAO approved AIP-304 titled ‘Create the Digital Art Movement Collection to acquire Yuga Assets (BAYC, MAYC, BAKC, and Punks and other notable NFTs) by MachiBigBrother with 16 million $Ape or 62.58% community approval.

“AIP-304 passed," MachiBigBrother tweeted. “Now they always say @apecoin DAO congratulations! Worked so hard, forgot how to vacation. They ain't never had the dedication. People hatin', say we changed and look we made it Yeah, we made it Yeah we made it.”

As a result of AIP-304 passing, the ApeCoin DAO will now allocate 11,000,000 $Ape to the Digital art Movement collection. From there, MachiBigBrother, his fellow team members, and the community, will work to purchase all sorts of Bored Apes.

“There is a trippy Ape I have been looking at and everyone knows that Ape,” Machi previously told the Gazette when asked what NFTs he’d like to see in the DAM collection.” It’s the trippy ape with the hip-hop clothing. It’s a bad ass trippy. If he’s agreeable I think we need to get that trippy ape in the DAM DAO. It’s going to be fun and I think it’s going to bring a lot of value."

As MachiBigBrother, his team, and the DAM token holding community purchase NFTs, they will also work to get the DAM collection displayed in museums, schools, and galleries and will begin arranging collection exhibits, and gallery showings, according to AIP-304.

Following AIP-304’s approval last night, the Gazette reached out to MachiBigBrother to find out what’s next for him now that the DAM collection has been established.

“Fired up,” he said. “Ready to be more active for the DAO. We still have Garga’s ApeChain request we need to work on.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the DAM collection, MachiBigBrother, and the ApeCoin DAO. Stay tuned for updates!

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