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HV-MTL Forge Season 3 Begins Tomorrow. Here's What We Know So Far:

The Forge-Cast is calling for a change tomorrow as the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s HV-MTL Forge Season 2 dubbed ‘Wet Hot Forge Summer’ is coming to an end.

Over the last three weeks, the BAYC community and HV-MTL holders have had a lot of fun in the sun as they deck out their Forges in seasonal accessories and claimed exclusive items to further customize their HV-Homes!

At this time, it is unclear what Forge season three’s theme will be, but we do know that the third season will be from August 10th to August 31st.

Further, we know that season three will be the last season of the HV-MTL Forge before the ‘Rift expansion.’

“After 3 seasons, a strange new portal opens...but only to some,” the BAYC wrote in its Forge gaming guide. “Your generated energy will determine whether you can enter and how far you go.”

While we do not know what awaits HV-MTL Holders beyond the Forge, we do know that the meta of the game will change from a ‘pet game and casual world builder’ to a ‘competitive dungeon crawler’ that features some combat eventually.

“The rift isn’t just a cool dungeon crawler, it’s an augmentation to the leaderboard system,” Yuga Labs’ Chief Gaming Officer Spencer Tucker tweeted on June 30th. “Enjoy the current social meta while you can, when the rift opens, LB points aren’t just social voting.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the HV-MTL Forge game is broken down into six seasons that last three weeks each, according to the Forge's gaming guide. During each season, players will be able to earn AMPs, the currency needed to upgrade their Mechs from its EV01 evolution to its Evo2 evolution, by building out their HV-Homes and showing off their Forges on social media.

Players will need to earn at least three AMPs over the course of the 18 week game to unlock the next evolution of their HVs, according to the Forge gaming guide.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Forge season 3 and will keep you posted on everything HV-MTL! Stay tuned for updates!

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