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Jenkins The Valet Announced A New "Gamified NFT" To Go Along With His Upcoming Podcast

As Jenkins the Valet prepares to launch his podcast series following his search his missing dog, the notable Bored Ape announced a “gamified NFT” that goes along with the show.

“If you're a fan of puzzles, you'll love the dynamic, gamified NFT associated with my upcoming Podcast,” Jenkins tweeted today. “This NFT will allow you to engage with the podcast on a much deeper level, competing against your fellow community members and showing your progress along the way!”

Jenkins went on to explain that listeners will be able to participate in a post episode quiz. If listeners answer correctly, then their dynamic NFTs will change over time.

“If you guessed correctly, your NFT will update dynamically to reflect your correct answers,” Jenkins said. “You’ll even earn extra points based on how quickly you answered. You’ll start to see your place on the leaderboard! You can also buy, sell, or trade your Podcast NFTs at any point during the series. We’ll be curating a whole bunch of awesome prizes for the folks at various levels of the leaderboard.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Jenkins the Valet first announced his new podcast series earlier this week after his dog, GoodboyNFT, went missing.

“Friends, it is with great urgency that I write to you today. My best friend and beloved dog @goodboyNFT has gone missing,” Jenkins tweeted on November 21st. “I need YOUR help to find him. I've decided to embark on a journey across the Metaverse in search of him. I will visit as many communities as I need to.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Jenkins’ search for his missing dog and will keep you informed on his podcast! Stay tuned for updates!

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