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Jenkins The Valet Shared A Five-Step Guide To Setting Up Your Bored& Dangerous E-Reader.

As Bored Apes and the NFT community at large patiently wait to read their Copies of Bored& Dangerous, Jenkins the Valet shared a five-step guide on how to use and set up Tally Labs E-Reader.

After a year of collaboration at the Writer’s Room, Bored& Dangerous’ E-Reader is set to launch tomorrow.

To ensure that all the book people stay safe while setting up their E-Readers, Jenkins the Valet took to Twitter and shared a five-step guide on proving ownership via Tokenproof.

“The token-gated reading experience for Bored & Dangerous launches tomorrow,” Jenkins tweeted. “I wanted to share a quick step-by-step guide for how to use @tokenproof to safely verify your wallet without connecting it to our site. If a reader site asks you to connect wallet, it’s not us!”

Check out the five-steps below:

1. Download the Tokenproof app from the IOS or Google Play Store.

2. Enroll your wallet wih Tokenproof.

3. Go to the reader website and authticate with Tokenproof.

4. Authenticate ownership by scanning the QR code on the website using the tonkenproof mobile app.

5. Start reading

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Bored& Dangerous E-Reader launch as it happens tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates.

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