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Joe Rogan Experience Producer, Jamie Vernon, Aped Into The BAYC, Purchasing A Mutant Ape

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

During The Joe Rogan Experience’s September 23rd show, Joe Rogan and his producer, Jamie Vernon, discussed the Bored Ape Yacht Club; less than two weeks later Jamie aped into the BAYC.

"Wanted to join all my frens," Jamie exclusively told the Bored Ape Gazette. "Felt like it was time."

Jamie posted a photo of Mutant Ape #2067 on his Instagram with the message, "GM." Jamie then updated his Twitter profile photo to his Mutant Ape as well.

Mutant Ape #2067 is a M1 mutant ape with gray fur, a sleeveless t shirt and a sushi chef headband. Jamie purchased Bored Ape #2067 for 5 Eth, according to Opensea. This is Jamie’s first BAYC NFT according to the producers account history.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Jamie and Rogan discussed cryptocurrency NFTs and the BAYC on the Joe Rogan Experience September 23rd show with their guest Patrick Bet-David. During the talk, Jamie pulled up a photo of Bored Ape #2643 and told Rogan that it was worth 99.69 Eth or $340,00 USD.

“That image is worth $340K, Rogan said in a shocked ton. “I don’t understand.”

Jamie then showed Rogan a tweet from Snoop Dog where the rapper previously asked to about getting an ape. “ So who sendn that ape,” Snoop Dogg tweeted. “My shit better have all gold everything.”

Rogan laughed at Snoop Dogg’s tweet but still did not seem to understand NFTs or the BAYC. “Here’s my problem, I can have that photo, and I can have it on my phone, he said.”

While Rogan expressed a right click save argument against NFTs, it clearly did not have an impact on Jamie’s opinion, based on his recent mutant ape purchase.

“POWERFUL YOUNG JAMIE,” BAYC member barman tweeted in response to Jamie’s purchase.

Going forward, many apes hope that Jamie will continue to discuss NFTs with Rogan and convince him of their value.

“Welcome to the Club @JamieVernon, BAYC member Just1n.Eth tweeted. “Just tell @joerogan he can right click, save your mutant if he wants. But he can't sell that saved image for anything of value. You have a tokenized asset that holds value and is transferrable on the blockchain. Please educate him on NFTs!”

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