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JRNYcrypto Is Delegating His 2M $Ape Votes To The JRNYClub Community. The Full Story Here:

ApeCoin whale JRNYcrypto announced that he is delegating 2 million $Ape votes to his project, JRNYClub, and revealed the path that Ape Improvement Proposal Authors and ApeCoin DAO candidates will have to journey to gain the group’s support!

Things have been anything but boring around the ApeCoin DAO recently, with several weekly AIP votes and $Ape office elections right around the corner. With so much happening in the $Ape ecosystem, ApeCoin whale and Web3 builder JRNYcrypto announced his plan to allocate his voting power to the JRNYClub community.

In the video, JRNY explained that JRNYClub NFT holders will now be able to submit AIPs to the JRNY team and possibly get the group’s two million $Ape cast in their favor. Further, JRNY also said that JRNYClub holders who own ten or more of the club’s NFTs will be able to meet with the JRNYClub team, go over their proposals, and have their ideas publicized throughout the JRNYClub ecosystem!

JRNYcrypto also mentioned that he and his team will explore the possibility of creating a JRNYClub sub-DAO within the ApeCoin DAO. This sub-DAO would determine how JRNYClub’s two million $Ape will be cast in the future.

“This is our short-term solution to this,” JRNY said. “We probably will be altering this. We may open a DAO within JRNYClub later on to do something similar to Mocaverse.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow JRNYcrypto and the JRNYClub and will let you know what they do next around the DAO! Stay tuned for updates!

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