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LEVEL UP: Yuga Labs Launched Its New YugaLabsGaming Account. Here's What You Need To Know:

Yuga Labs leveled up its social media game today as it moved its gaming content from its established Twitter accounts to a new @YugaLabsGaming profile.

As Yuga Labs continues to venture deeper into the world of gaming the company has launched a dedicated social media account to reach out to gamers and get more information and updates to HV-MTL Forgers and Legend of The Mara participants.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs’ Digital and Social Media Director, Ian De Borja, said that players would get more communication directly from Yuga Labs about the company’s games with updates on patches and outages along with gaming notes and much more!

Yuga Labs’ first post from YugaLabsGaming went over well with the community as the company upped the lackluster Ape rewards for its HV-MTL Forge Rift Boss Battles by 150,000 coins, raising the top prize from 3,950 $Ape to 63,950 $Ape!

“BAYC paid us some $APE to leave them alone and start a new account,” Yuga Labs tweeted from its YugaLabsGaming account. “ So we've added 150K $APE rewards across the Top 10 finishers of the Rift Boss Leaderboard. Forge on. (Welcome to Yuga Labs Gaming)”

Following the launch of YugaLAbsGaming account, the company’s Chief Gaming Officer, Spencer Tucker, took to Twitter and laid out his vision for the company’s gaming future.

“We are here to disrupt the games industry, this isn’t about the old paradigms, it’s about sick experiences, awesome social, great gaming, competition, ownership, interoperability & scale, he tweeted. “Here to build the stuff of your dreams and for those that don’t retire on a great run (GG), we’re here to deliver great gameplay and social experiences that last a lifetime LFG!”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow YugaLabsGaming and will keep you posted on the Forge and LOTM. Stay tuned for updates!

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