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LIVE: Bored Ape Yacht Club Singing Sensation Shilly Performed IRL In NYC Earlier This Week

This bored star traveled all the way from the Otherside to New York City to perform in real life during NFT NYC.

Bored Ape Yacht Club singing sensation, Shilly, took the stage at Nolcha Shows on April 12th and performed his hit song “ I’m Boring” live in motion captured animation in front of 1,000 people!

“Shilly let me play bass and it was an incredible experience playing live with him and the band,” Shilly’s unpaid manager Shwaz told the Gazette after the show. “This opportunity really gave us a chance to experiment with new tech and is only a small glimpse of what we have planned for the future with Shilly!”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Shilly and Shwaz made waves around the swamp in December 2022 when they released Shilly’s first music video.

Since that time, Shilly and Shwaz sold out their Shilly: The Access Passes” NFTs that gave holders control over Shilly and his music career.

“Shilly Access Passes are the only way into this new kind of web3 music community," Shwaz wrote in the NFTs description section on Opensea. “One where the earliest supporters are not just fans, but also collaborators who can co-write music with Shilly’s band, license their NFTs to be part of Shilly’s story and content, and have a say on everything from which songs he drops to what tattoos he rocks to whether he should have a love affair with Courtney Cox. Here the community is the artist and the artist is the community.”

Going forward, Shwaz told the Gazette that he and Shilly are looking forward to doing more in real life performances and releasing new music.

“Nothing locked in yet but having some cool conversations about some live events in the future,” he said. “Also, Shilly is available for Apefest whenever the hell that is (Yuga call me!). In the short term the number one priority is working on music with the community. Already have a bunch of tracks in progress and we hope to be able to announce the debut Shilly album sometime soon.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Shilly and his music career. Stay tuned for updates!

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