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Luxury Property Developer GM Aped Into The Bored Ape Yacht Club, Buying A Trippy Fur Ape For 200 ETH

The General Manager of a luxury property developer aped into the Bored Ape Yacht Club earlier this morning.

Ali Sajwani, the General Manager of DAMAC Properties—one of the middle east largest luxury property developers—made a splash at the BAYC Saturday morning after picking up a Trippy fur ape.

“#NewProfilePic they say #ApeFollowApe," Sajwani tweeted along with a photo of his trippy fur ape. “Let’s see what it’s all about!”

Sajwani’s ape is Bored Ape #1562. Bored Ape #1562 is seven traiy trippy fur ape with a fez hat and lumberjack shirt. Based on these traits, Bored Ape #1562 is the 195th most rare ape, according to Rarity Tools. Sajwani paid 200 Eth or 692,000 USD for Bored Ape #1562.

Following the purchase, BAYC members welcomed Sajwani into the club. “Ayyee welcome to the club,” BAYC member LuckyJack tweeted. “Always happy to add new members!”

Following a warm welcome into the swamp, Sajwani thanked the BAYC for the engagement and said that he’s happy to be apart of the BAYC. “Got to say, I see what #ApeFollowApe is all about now.. the engagement is UNREAL… happy to be part of the #BAYC.”

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