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"MADE BY APECOIN': ThankApe Is Going To Distribute 800K $Ape To Bored Builders Around The Swamp And ApeCoin Ecosystem! Here's What You Need To Know:

Made By Apes builders are receiving support from across the Yugaverse after the ApeCoin DAO’s ThankApe initiative announced that season six of its rewards program will focus on distributing 800K $Ape in ‘Made By ApeCoin’ grants to bored builders around the swamp and the $Ape ecosystem.

On Wednesday, ThankApe, which has been funding prophouses, real-life events, memes, spaces, and more for the last year, announced that the theme of its season six reward program will be ‘Made By ApeCoin’. Their goal is to harness the identity of the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s MBA program and expand it to include builders in the $Ape ecosystem, and to invite everyone to participate in its MBAC Accelerator Program.

“This program aims to provide support for valuable community businesses in the ApeCoin ecosystem,” thank Ape wrote. “Over the course of this ~two month program, accepted MBACs will showcase their unique businesses and implement various integrations together with Thank APE to amplify interactions between the community and our builders. MBACs who complete the program will have access to primary funding of up to 20,000 APE each, secondary funding through unique contribution integrations on Thank APE’s platform, and qualify for future programs. Our goal is to create a repeatable and scalable program that can fund as many MBAC businesses as possible and connect them with the community in a way that allows them to reward each other.”



Following ThankApe’s season six announcement, BAYC Community Council Made By Apes Liaison JBond told the paper that he’s happy to see builders getting more support.


“It feels great tbh,” he said. “And the community sentiment shows how much they love it Also, alpha, we’ll cook up something for MBAs with ThankApe.”


ThankApe is planning to invite builders to apply for its MBAC program soon.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the program and will let you know how and when you can ape in . Stay tuned for updates!

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