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MAYC Member Notthreadguy Joined The Jenkins The Valet Team As The New Director Of Vibes:

One of the most popular and mundane apes at the Bored Ape Yacht Club Jenkins The Valet just hired a notable mutant ape to his team.

“In Web3, it’s no longer enough to simply post on Twitter,” Jenkins tweeted yesterday evening. “Success requires something much deeper. It requires…!vibes That’s why we’ve seized the memes of production and hired a FULL TIME DIRECTOR OF VIBES at @TallyLabsNFT. Please welcome @notthreadguy to the team.”

Notthreadguy, AKA Mutant Ape #7450, is one of the most well-known apes at the BAYC with a following of 47,000 people on Twitter.

Not Threadguy has made a name for himself in the NFT space for his insightful and interesting tweets and elegant taste in memes.

Following Jenkins’ announcement, Notthreadguy took to Twitter to announce his new job and entertain his followers with a new meme.

Excited to announce I am joining the @TallyLabsNFT/@jenkinsthevalet team full time as Director of Vibes! I’ll be working on Social, Content, Partnerships, and !vibes for Jenkins + all of their future projects in development Let’s build the future of decentralized content! I can confirm this is NOT a shitpost.”

Following the announcement, BAYC members took to Twitter to congratulate Notthreadguy on the new job and Jenkins on the phenomenal hire.

“OMG CONGRATS!!! I’m beyond stoked for you, BAYC Member Steve NFTBark tweeted. “Can’t wait to watch you continue to soar in this next chapter of life. Great hire, @jenkinsthevalet!”

“Jenkins the Valet’s Writer’s Room is a collection of 6942 NFTs that unlock a members-only Web3 authenticated portal to exercise voting power and creative direction over the stories that define the metaverse,” according to the projects Opensea bio. “The 6942 NFTs that serve as passes to the Writer’s Room give you the opportunity to license characters to stories, vote on the strategic and creative direction of what’s produced, and be inscribed as an author and creator in every piece of work that’s made.”

The current floor price of Jenkins the Valet’s Writer’s Room is 1.49 Eth or $4,480 USD.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Writers Room and let you know what Jenkins and Notthreadguy do next!

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