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Get To Know The Recipient Of the BAYC Community Grant, Josh Ong, And Learn About Ape Meetups

The Bored Ape Yacht Club announced its first round of community grant recipients yesterday and one of the recipients was Josh Ong, for his project Ape Meetups.

Ong is a staple of the Bored Ape community who has been here since the beginning and now he hopes to help apes meet one another in the real world.

“I know apes love hanging out online and in the metaverse, but building community in person is powerful too,” Ong said. “As we get to know the other members of BAYC near us, I believe positive and creative things will happen.”

Since becoming a Bored Ape, Ong has already set up in person events where he saw the impact apes can have on one another in real life.

“A recent meetup of apes helped spark a new business partnership between two apes,” Ong said. “so I've seen the firsthand the connections this community can build when we get together.”

With the $1,000 he received from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Ong hopes to rent venue space for in person meet ups, drinks for apes, ape themed items for Bored Apes who attend and ignite an eagerness in apes around the world to connect with other apes.

“I hope this will inspire apes around the world to connect with others nearby and stay bored together,” Ong said.

Feel free to connect with Josh ong on Twtter @ beijingdou

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to cover each of the BAYC Community Grant recipients. Stay tuned!

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