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MEET THE CANDIDATE: DuquePawlovsky Is Running For Special Council

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

ApeCoin DAO contributor and Special Council nominee, TheFatherOfAllStorms AKA Snowflake Solidity aims to bring her past compliance experience and her ability to handle complicated situations to the ApeCoin DAO’s Special Council.

The election season of 2023 is in heating up at ApeCoin DAO, with 21 contributors officially running to replace Yat Siu or Alexis Ohanian on the DAO's Special Council this summer.

Among the candidates vying for a position on the ApeCoin DAO's Special Council is ApeCoin DAO contributor TheFatherOfAllStorms.

“I want to be that diversity that DAO doesn’t have yet,” TheFatherOfAllStorms wrote on her Discourse nomination page. “A skilled member with many backgrounds and different experiences that speak many languages and align with mindset of talents plus investors in the same time. Simone who can much a development opportunity for a talent to the DAO expansion, also having in mind how it will benefit the shareholders/token owners. I speak 4 languages, have many tech & security certifications, owned 2 companies, worked at Apple Inc for 5 years at many store and corporate positions. Worked hard and lived in many places in the words embracing the culture: from Asia to Europe to America. I love to give people the opportunities and elevate good causes.”

To find out more about TheFatherOfAllStorms and how her past experiences will be a boon to the DAO, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to her for an interview. Check it out below:

How did you get into the ApeCoin DAO?

“I was in ApeCoin before the DAO, staking, trading, and buying things with it. Launching first collections in ApeCoin to purchase! When DAO started as an entity then I was there to figure out things and help. Bring my expertise and help others. I was very positive about its development even when it just stated. It’s still evolving it’s still growing, and I help to onboard properly to the DAO by explaining what it can do or how it can help.”

Where do you see the DAO a year from now?

“It is not my place or anyone on the councils to direct the DAO token holders, it is them who choose what they want and how they want to interact with it. My Job on the council is to make sure the COMPLIANCE is there, and it’s followed, help the interaction between the ones chosen by people and the secretaries of treasury to speed up the processes if possible. Now they will be able to use my expertise.”

In a sentence or two, why should the community vote for you?

“I was a president of the neighborhood community for 4,5 years till I fully moved to USA from Spain. I was re-elected 3 times because of my good expertise with paperwork and compliance of contractors as well as secretaries of treasury. I understand complicated paperwork, implications of documents check and importance of timing. I was the owner of 2 companies I sold. Plus, some financial studies related to microcredits. The last 5 years I worked for Apple Inc. During pandemic I was offered to move to corporate special position supporting more deeply Joint venture, companies, startups, and clients across the planet. After they wanted me to focus deeply with compliance of contractors in Latin America, besides Europe/USA & Canada support escalations. There was a lot of checking and communicating between those/headquarters & customers (private or companies/corporations). I speak 4 languages and some. My last position were fraud prevention escalations. The most complicated job in form of credit cards check, bank checks, identity confirmation, compliance of the Apple stores, official resellers or fixing mistakes made, prevent improper fund management and some other things I can’t talk about)”

What would you like to accomplish if elected?

“It’s not so much my accomplishments by DAO itself, how can my expertise in many things can elevate others and find the better way that DAO can properly fulfill the needs of holders of the $APE in a compliance way. Many people look for being famous or expand DAO maybe this way or travel around or attend events. They can just put the AIP for that, and people will decide. This is not a council job and I guess many were confused by it. I know exactly what my duties are and first is to fulfill those fully, after they are full filed properly only then I will go beyond. Paperwork compliance is a very serious job, and most people hate it. In my side I fill accomplished if I did my job. And this is a fulfillment for me. I love to help others and it’s always been like this that why I guess I went to the medical school first beside always being all about last tech a true hyphenate in business, when possible, too. So, I want to elevate others, not me.”

What makes you different from the other candidates?

“Have time of my life dedicated to hard work and studying a lot beyond the school programs. First university and Microsoft program I got in by making intelligent exam to get it for free. Because I was not able to afford to pay it like many others did. I had a hard childhood with always moving and always traveling due to parent jobs. Often sent to the camps or exchange programs for which I also had to make tests to get in. I always was missing fist snow or first BBQ or fist swimming summer day. In the same time I got experience that not much people got, including with human interaction and learning about different nationalities. I lived & studied in many countries at mainland Europe & Schengen Zone, little in UK, Cuba, obviously half-life in USA. Speak many languages natively. My family is from many nationalities and many religions. So I align with many people in the same time this way too, not ably with interests or professional backgrounds. And in this stage of my life after injury and taking leap time, nothing is more perfect than helping others now in more progressive form, use all my skills and knowledge to do so without forgetting this position main purpose.”

Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

“If applicants didn’t have any jobs like I did - they have no idea how complicated paperwork and working between entities is. Most will not be able to be a compliance secretary, focus on communications, respect other timelines and time zones as well as maintain proper communication in many languages or be a certified translator like I am too. It is unsettling knowing that people applied for this position while having already several web2 plus (more then 50h week) and on top official web3 job contracts or spaces commitments, while they can’t at all prioritize the ApeCoin DAO never. This already shows the failure of own discipline and compliance. Because it is not about showing up sometimes. No it’s not. It’s about to jump on it as soon as needed and work fast immediately prioritizing holders and approved AIPs beside the actual office communications. It is a serious job that many don’t take as serious actual position, where you have to leave everything else behind. Tell me who besides me right now at their life can TRULLY do it? Literally stop their life? Pretty much No one.”

ApeCoin DAO Contributors who would like to find out more about TheFatherOfAllStorms ’s campaign can reach out to her via Twitter @DuquePawlovsky

The window to vote in the ApeCoin DAO's first round of Special Council voting opens on June 15th, and $Ape holders will have until June 21st to cast their votes and support their preferred nominees. After the first round of voting, the top five nominees with the most votes will proceed to the second round of voting and officially become candidates. The DAO will then conduct one more election from June 22nd to 28th, during which the community will elect two Special Council members to replace Yat Siu and Alexis Ohanian on the board. Take a look at the full Election season timeline below:

The Bored Ape Gazette has reached out to all 21 candidates for an interview and will be publishing them as they reply. Stay tuned for updates!

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