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MEET THE CANDIDATE: Lola_Creates Is Running For Working Group Steward

ApeCoin DAO contributor and nominee for Working Group Steward, Lola_Creates, is looking to bring her past experiences in non-profit governance and the Parent Teacher Association to help shape the future of the DAO's Working Group structure!

The $Ape community is in the middle of the ApeCoin DAO’s second election season and the DAO is voting to fill two Steward positions in its newly formed Working Group

These two Working Group Steward’s will be responsible for managing their Working Group Multisig, operational tasks, maintaining documents, organizing and approving initiatives, communicating with the Ape Foundation and DAO Secretary, approving budgets, executing their Working Group Charters, among other things, according to the DAO.

Among the candidates vying for a Working Group Steward position is ApeCoin DAO contributor Lola_Creates.

"I’m running for Steward because I think I can contribute to the DAO in a positive way,” Lola_Creates wrote on her ApeCoin candidate page. “I’m finishing a two-year term as Vice President of my kids’ school PTA Board next month and have been looking for another way to participate in governance. I learned so much during my term and realized I was really good at it, so when I heard about the elections, I got really curious and excited to get involved."”

To find out more about Lola_Creates and why she is the right $Ape for the job, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to her for an interview. Check it out below:

1.How did you get into the ApeCoin DAO?

“I received a generous airdrop of ApeCoin for owning a MAYC so when the DAO came together, I joined a few months into it. I wasn’t very active, though, and it wasn’t until pretty recently that I was motivated to get more involved.”

2. In a sentence or two, why should the community vote for you?

“I think the community should vote for me because in addition to the non-profit governance experience I have, my professional experience gives me a creative edge. I see both being very valuable in steering a decentralized organization.”

3. If elected, you’ll be one of the first three WG Stewards. How do you feel about that and what kind of foundation would you like to help set?

“Being one of the first WG Stewards would give me a huge sense of pride. Even being a part of these elections is really empowering, regardless of the outcome. It would be an honor and a pleasure to be one of the first to help set the DAO up for success in the future. If I’m elected, my goal would be to strengthen and improve the current foundation that has been established. The DAO is implementing one of the very first steps in improving that foundation with these elections and Working Groups. I think I can help further develop the infrastructure and systems that will make this organization run well.”

4. Where do you see the WG framework a year from now?

“I hope to see the current Working Groups up and running smoothly a year from now, maybe even adding a Membership Engagement WG alongside the upcoming Communications WG . These first Stewards have the extra task of making sure that the next Stewards who are voted in can seamlessly take on the role without too much friction. Ideally, in a year, all of the Working groups have defined scopes and are executing smoothly.”

5. What would you like to accomplish as a WG Steward?

“ApeCoin DAO is in its infancy, and I’d like to help it grow and evolve into an example of how DAOs could/should operate. I’m really motivated to use my experience in governance as a starting point to explore best practices for running a decentralized organization. As a WG Steward, I’d like to help set up systems that will streamline voting, comms, and getting AIPs passed. I want to help make it easier to participate as an ApeCoin DAO member. I think the onboarding process could be more streamlined and should be easier for better participation, let alone wider-spread use.”

6. What makes you different from the other candidates?

“I’m pretty sure I’m the only PTA parent out of all of the candidates. At first, I was sort of hesitant to share that detail, but the truth is, being the VP of my kids’ school PTA Board is something I found I was really good at and enjoyed (despite the stereotypical drama). The experience gave me confidence to nominate myself for these positions. Also, my background is not in tech or finance, I’m not an OG ape, and even though I do have a creative profession, I’m not really an artist in the traditional sense. :)”

7. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

“No, thank you.”

ApeCoin DAO Contributors who would like to find out more about Lola_Creates’ campaign can reach out to her via Twitter @ _lola_creates_

The window to vote in the ApeCoin DAO's Working Group Steward election opens on June 15th, and $Ape holders will have until June 21st to cast their votes and support their preferred nominees. After the first round of voting, the top five nominees with the most votes will proceed to the second round of voting and officially become candidates. The DAO will then conduct one more election from June 22nd to 28th, during which the community will elect its two Stewards.

Take a look at the full Election season timeline below:

The Bored Ape Gazette has reached out to all nine nominees for an interview and will be publishing them as they reply. Stay tuned for updates!

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