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MEET THE CANDIDATE: Pieter Is Running For ApeCoin DAO Special Council

Whether it's crafting unique nachos or creating Bored Ape Yacht Club and NFT-inspired beers, ApeCoin DAO contributor Pieter thrives on innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of business and technology. Recently, his Made By Apes brand, Bored Brewing Co., became the first company to give equity back to the ApeCoin DAO via the Ape Improvement Process. Also, he and his team are preparing to open a first-of-its-kind NFT-themed taproom in Calgary, Canada this month. Now, with ApeChain set to launch later this summer, Pieter has entered the Special Council race because he believes he is the perfect brew of business acumen and tech expertise that the DAO needs!

The ApeCoin DAO’s summer election season is underway with 10 ApeCoin DAO contributors running for a spot on the 2024 Special Council. Among the candidates vying for this position is Pieter.

“I believe the ApeCoin DAO community should select me based on many factors, including my computer science education, experience as a developer, CTO, and then Founder/CEO/Entrepreneur in tech and now Web3, combined with my deep passion for DeFi, blockchain technology and the community of people living, breathing and working tirelessly to bring this innovation in technology, decentralization and ethos to the world,” Pieter wrote on his candidate page. “Above all of this, ethics, integrity, and positive intention are core and fundamental to who I am. Be a good person and be good to others - great technology can do a lot, but can do exponentially more good if led by good humans.”


To find out more about Pieter and why he is the right $Ape for the job, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to him for an interview. Check it out below:

1. In a sentence or two what is your candidacy all about?

“We need a Garga type founder/builder on Special Council. We have some great structure, processes etc. We need someone who has the proven ability to move fast, build, and be a leader through consistent action.”

2. Why did you decide to run for $Ape office?

“I felt compelled to apply because at this point in time, especially with ApeChain on its way, I am uniquely qualified as a serial entrepreneur, comp sci grad, OG APE/Web3 "veteran", morally driven, and award winning thought leader/innovator.”

3. What makes you the right $Ape for the job?

“I'm the right nominee because I relentlessly build, innovate, and execute at a high level.”

4. What would you like to accomplish during your term?

“Help $Ape holders understand the AIP process better and have ApeChain melt faces.”

5. If you could pick any former Special Council member to be your advisor if you were elected to the Special Council this summer, who would you pick and why?

“Alexis Ohanian - he’s one of my Entrepreneurial idols. He’s an example of a great person who has achieved at an extremely high level without compromise.”

6. Why is becoming an SC member important for you personally?

“Doing impactful things in the world and leaving a legacy for my children is incredibly important to me. Working on things that I’m passionate about that are challenging and fulfilling is when work no longer becomes work :)”

7. Where would you like to see the DAO a year from now?

“Stable, yet steeped in innovation and change as ApeChain onboards the masses into our wonderful community.”


8. How did you get into crypto?

“CryptoKitties and early experimentation with Defi - then really in earnest when VeeFriends launched and BAYC :)”

9. What do you like to do outside of Web3?

“I am a proud father of 3 incredible kiddos and love being a family man. I play Beach Volleyball and founded a Craft Nacho restaurant.”


10. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

“I think that covers it all! :)”

ApeCoin DAO Contributors who would like to find out more about Pieter’s campaign can reach out to him via Twitter @PieterWeb3

The window to vote in the first round of the ApeCoin DAO’s Special Council election is set to open on June 6th and $Ape holders will have until June 12th at 9 P.M. EST to cast their coins in support their preferred nominees.

After the first round of voting, the top five nominees with the most votes will proceed to the second round of voting and officially become ApeCoin DAO Special Council candidates. The DAO will then conduct one more election round from June 13th through June 19th. During this second vote, the community will officially elect two new Special Council members.

Take a look at the full Election season timeline below:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued election coverage from the $Ape ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates!

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