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MEET THE CANDIDATE: Romantik Is Running To Be One Of The ApeCoin DAO's First Web3 Development Working Group Stewards

Whether the market is bear or bull, ApeCoin DAO Contributor Romantik’s life has become almost entirely Web3-focused. With over 15 years of experience in tech and a master’s in computer science, Romantik has collaborated with his fellow Bored Apes to develop various dApps and degenerate trading tools, while also contributing to the creation of protocols for the ApeCoin DAO’s highly anticipated ApeChain. Now, he hopes to leverage his technical skills in the ApeCoin DAO’s new Web3 Development Working Group, aiming to establish a framework for revenue sharing, provide tools and resources to developers, and ‘foster a culture of innovation and cooperation within the DAO.’

The ApeCoin DAO’s summer election season is anything but boring as the community gets ready to elect two of its fellow ApeCoin DAO contributors to chair the DAO’s new Web3 Development Working Group.

The goal of this committee will be to “build income generating projects for the ApeCoin DAO, ApeCoin initiatives like ThankApe, Boring Security DAO, MBA licensed projects, and the ApeCoin community. ApeChain will be a strong focus point once we reach that point,” according to the group’s mandate.

 In total, five ApeCoin DAO contributors have thrown their hats in the ring and are running for these positions. Among the candidates vying for this role is Romantik.

"My motivation for running for the Web3 Development Steward position is driven by the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of the ApeCoin DAO, especially as it prepares to launch its own blockchain and kick start the ecosystem of dapps," Romantik wrote on his candidate page. "With extensive experience in ecosystem inception and growth, I am well-equipped to identify and build the necessary components for a thriving Web3 ecosystem. My vision is to create a dynamic environment that attracts innovative projects and fosters strong developer relations. My goal is to leverage my experience to help enable a robust blockchain ecosystem, with the DAO generating sustainable revenue and achieving long-term success."

To find out more about Romantik and why he is the right $Ape for the job, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to him for an interview. Check it out below:

1. In a sentence or two what is your candidacy all about?

“My candidacy is focused on establishing a robust framework and set of tools to streamline revenue sharing and collaboration within the ApeCoin DAO, fostering an environment where innovation and community contributions thrive.”

2. Why did you decide to run for $Ape office?

“I decided to run for the position to leverage my expertise in blockchain technology and ecosystem building to help shape the future of the ApeCoin DAO. I am committed to creating a supportive infrastructure that benefits both developers and the DAO. I believe this new Working Group is being established at the right time, as it will help the DAO enhance its symbiosis with ApeChain.”

3. This Working Group is new at the DAO, how do you plan to build a solid foundation?

“I plan to build a solid foundation by introducing a comprehensive framework for revenue sharing and collaboration, providing standardized tools and resources for developers, and fostering a culture of innovation and cooperation within the DAO. This will give ApeChain and its ecosystem a strong start.”


4. What should the Web3 Development Working Group be about?

“The Web3 Development Working Group should focus on creating and maintaining the technical infrastructure, tools, and resources necessary for developers to build and innovate within the ApeCoin ecosystem, while ensuring alignment with the DAO’s goals and values.”


5. What makes you the right $Ape for the job?

“With a strong background in blockchain technology, a proven track record of building ecosystems, and a commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation, I am well-equipped to add momentum to the Web3 Development Working Group and drive meaningful progress within the DAO.”

6. What would you like to accomplish during your term?

“During my term, I aim to establish a clear framework for revenue sharing, identify and launch key tools and resources for developers, and facilitate the creation of a thriving ecosystem that attracts and supports innovative projects within the ApeCoin community. I will also collaborate with other steward in the group to explore synergies that amplify our collective impact, ensuring the DAO embarks on this journey successfully.”

7. Why is becoming a Working Group Steward important for you personally?

“Becoming a Working Group Steward is important to me because it provides an opportunity to leverage my experience and make a significant impact for the ApeCoin community firsthand, beyond simply hodling the coin.”

8. How did you get into crypto?

“I have been a technology person my entire life, started to do programming and making money from it during my school days like 25 years ago. I got into crypto through my interest in Bitcoin tech back in 2014 and its potential to transform various industries. My journey began with casual exploration, and in 2018, I took a CTO position in a crypto startup, going full time into blockchain development.”

9. What do you like to do outside of Web3?

“At this point, I can confidently say that outside of family-related activities, Web3 has fully absorbed my remaining time and passion.”

10. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

“Absolutely! Besides my passion for blockchain and Web3, I can’t wait to see everyone at ApeFest. Imagine combining our brainstorming sessions with the fun and energy of a community getaway festival. Let’s make sure that by the time ApeFest rolls around, we have plenty of successes to celebrate together. See you there!”

ApeCoin DAO Contributors who would like to find out more about Romantik’s campaign can reach out to him via Twitter @holaromantik


The window to vote in the first and only round of the ApeCoin DAO’s Web3 Development Group Steward election is set to open on June 13th and $Ape holders will have until June 19th at 9 P.M. EST to cast their coins in support their preferred nominees.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued election coverage from the $Ape ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates!

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