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MEGA MUTANT MONDAY: BAYC Member Adam Weitsman Acquired A Mega Mutant Ape!

Mutant Monday was anything but boring around the swamp as the gates of hell deep below the Bored Ape Yacht Club opened, and Adam Weitsman added the Mega Demon Mutant Ape to his insane collection!

Following weeks of murmurs that Weitsman would acquire, or has acquired, the Mutant Demon Ape, the Mutant’s former owner, 0xB1, took to Twitter and confirmed that he had recently sold the unholy primate to the notable collector.

“It's been almost 3 years with the @BoredApeYC Mutant Demon, but the time has come to pass on his legacy to someone more active in the community,” 0xB1 wrote.  “Am excited that the mantle has passed to  @AdamWeitsman, I know he will do the demon justice and usher him through the next era! After 3 years with the same PFP, it was hard to decide what to do next. Then remembered that one of the most prolific NFT artists of our time, @beeple, made one of his Everydays in January 2021 of our team... going to be using this throwback classic for a bit!”

While we do not know what Weistman paid for the Mutant Demon, we do know that the primate was transferred to his Vault on May 7th and that profits are not what motivates him.

“The seller was very fair and honorable,” Weitsman told the Gazette. “I believe in the WEB 3 Space long term so wanted to show my commitment during unsure times. The community is more important to me than profits.”

After today’s Mega acquisition, Weitsman now holds three lasered eye Apes, two Mega Kodas, and the Golden Key from Dookey Dash, among other Yuga Labs assets.

Weitsman’s confirmation of the Mega Demon purchase comes just days after his meeting with Yuga Labs CEO and Co-founder Garga in Miami, a meeting that left him feeling more bullish than ever.

“Went into this weekend’s meetings with Alex and Dennis from @farawaygg & @CryptoGarga from @BoredApeYC @yugalabs with skepticism, but an open mind,” he tweeted on May 11th.  “I left feeling the HIGHEST level of confidence and trust after speaking with them. Epic things ahead. These guys are the real deal!”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Weitsman and will let you know what he does next around the swamp. Stay tuned for updates!

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