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MERRY MISUNDERSTANDING: Jenkins The Valet Returned The Stolen Items The Mutant Gifted Him!

After the Mutant gifted Jenkins the Valet 12 days of  stolen presents from various members of the Web3 world this Christmas, Jolly Jenkins grabbed the keys to his led and returned the items!


After what was at best a merry misunderstanding and at worst a set-up by the Mutant to make Jenkins look like a Christmas Grinch, the valet traveled across the metaverse and returning the gifts he was given to their rightful owners.


“On the day after Christmas, I took out my sled and left, A snow-covered  @BoredApeYC , to return what  @JenkinsMutated said I had stolen,” Jenkins tweeted. “A dirty sock from  @RealXmasBeee , the Valentine’s watch from @kc66eth , rainbow-coloured bubblegum from  @NFT_Dee , the golden hair comb of  @creamcurtis , a digital treasure chest key from  @bayc7052 , the hound leash from  @LukaGrunt, a video camera from  @_lola_creates_, the pilot helm from  @theJVB, a bottle of maple syrup from  @AlwaysHugo3, the jacket of  @red_vulkan , and the hat of @CapetainTrippy.”



After Jenkins returned the items the Mutant stole, Vulkan took to Twitter and thanked him for his jackets back. “Thank you Jenkins,” he tweeted. “It was starting to get cold without my jacket.”


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Jenkins reimagined the classic Christmas Carol, "12 Days of Christmas," with a Web3 spin, featuring iconic stolen items from around the swamp that were 'gifted' to him by the Mutant all December.


After he received these insane gifts from the insane Mutant, Jenkins was shocked to receive a wanted poster accusing him of theft on Christmas morning.

“What a joke... ,” Jenkins said about the poster. “Let me be very clear, I didn't steal anything. The Mutant sent all these items to me. I'll return everything before the New Year. Mark my words.”

“I found it strange but now I see why... It was one big trap,” Jenkins told the Gazette on when asked about the Mutants gifts this December.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Jenkins the Valet and will keep you posted on the Mutant’s shenanigans. Stay tuned for updates!

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