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MetaMask Tells Users How To Stay Safe After A User Was Phished By A Scammer Claiming To Be Apple

After Twitter user Serpent post a thread about a new phishing attack, MetaMask issued a response and told users how to keep their digital assets safe.

In a nine-tweet thread, Sperpent explained how his friend and Mutant Ape Yacht Club member Revive_Dom received several phone calls and text from “Apple” asking him to reset his Apple ID password.

“They claimed that there was suspicious activity on his Apple ID and they asked for a one-time verification code to prove the owner of the Apple ID account,” Serpent tweeted. “After giving the 6 digit verification code, the scammers hung up and his MetaMask wallet was wiped, with over $650,000 stolen.” MetaMask actually saves your seed phrase file on your iCloud. The scammers requested a password reset for the victim's Apple ID,” Serpent said. “After receiving the 2FA code, they were able to take control over the Apple ID, and access iCloud which gave them access to the victim's MetaMask.”

Following Serpent’s thread on Sunday, MetaMask post a thread of their own and explained how users can avoid being phised by this scam.

“If you have enabled iCloud backup for app data, this will include your password-encrypted MetaMask vault,” MetaMask tweeted. “If your password isn’t strong enough, and someone phishes your iCloud credentials, this can mean stolen funds. You can disable iCloud backups for MetaMask specifically by turning off the toggle here: Settings > Profile > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups. If you want to avoid iCloud surprising you with unrequested backups in the future, you can turn off this feature at: Settings > Apple ID/iCloud > iCloud > iCloud Backup.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow every hack and scam and bring you the information you need to kep your NFTs safe.

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