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Mocaverse NFT Holders Can Start Minting Their Moca.IDs This Thursday!

Animcoa Brands and its NFT project, the Mocaverse, are launching there Moca.ID program tomorrow morning and Mocaverse NFT holders will have four days to mint their dot Moca names!

“Moca ID mint is going LIVE,” the Mocaverse project tweeted on Monday. “Starting from Nov 9 (3AM EST), Moca NFT Holders will have a 4-day priority mint window You MUST RESERVE your spot in advance to be eligible to mint Price: FREE! Gas? We got you covered #MocaFam, time to make up your mind on your .moca name.”

For those who are unfamiliar with Moca IDs, they are a Web3 identification that will follow players through Animoca Brands’ massive ecosystem!

“Moca ID is our decentralized identity (DID) that gives you access to Animoca Brands’ 450+ portfolio companies alongside our ever-growing partner ecosystem,” the project explained on its FAQ page. “It will act as your identity proof that can travel with you across the various products allowing you to accrue points and build your reputation across our entire ecosystem (or even beyond).”

Mocaverse Founder, SpanceManks, spoke about Moca.IDs during Sunday’s Elite Moca Cruise in Hong Kong.

“Having the ID is giving you access to start being participants in this network,” Spacemanks said on the Elite Moca Cruise in Hong Kong on Sunday. “It’s the start of a massive network that we are building.”

Mocaverse NFT holders can start minting their Moca.IDs on Thursday, November 9th at 3 A.M. EST here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Moca.IDs and will let you know how and when everyone in the expanded Yugaverse can claim their names! Stay tuned for updates!

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