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Faraway Gaming Studio Is Adding An Arcade Mode To Dookey Dash Unclogged To Make It More Welcoming For First-Time Players!

Yuga Labs' gaming partner, Faraway Gaming Studios, recently announced that they are adding an 'Arcade Mode' to Dookey Dash Unclogged, which will make the pipes below the Bored Ape Yacht Club more welcoming for normies and first-time players!

On Friday, Faraway Gaming Studios hosted a Twitter Space where they updated the Web3 world on Dookey Dash Unclogged.

During this Space, the Faraway team announced that the game was live in Australia and the Philippines. They also discussed their work on 'early funnel retention' for players who are new and unaware of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and mentioned the addition of an objective-based 'Arcade Mode' to the game.

“This game is all about reaching the mass audience and getting new blood into the ecosystem, so the big thing is how do we make it so the game isn’t as punishing” Faraway Co-Founder and BAYC member Alex Paley said. “When you are a new player, you will lose immediate, and you’ll see a sign that says game fucking over. It’s not the easiest experience for you. So right now, tactically, we are working on an arcade mode, which is more objective based. So, there will be a competitive mode that’s going to be around high scores, getting these golden plungers, and getting access to the season ending tournament. But for these early funnel players, we are introducing arcade mode. This is more objective based, so it’s like hit ten cows, break through five walls, get a point score of 30,000. Something so people can feel a sense of victory and accomplishment because for these people who are early in the funnel, they need to feel like I’m doing something, I completed the task, and now I’m getting rewarded. Then eventually they will migrate into a more competitive game.”


While Paley did not give the community an update or a timeline on when the game will be available for players outside the Philippines and Australia, he did inform listeners that this kind of staggered release leading up to a United States launch is the roadmap that successful mobile games follow.

By releasing the game this way, Faraway and Yuga Labs can address any issues or problems with retention, such as those they are addressing with the arcade mode, monetization, and other aspects. “The thing is we do not want to release a game that is not ready because that’s just disadvantageous for everybody” Paley said.


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs first announced that it was working with Faraway Gaming Studios on Dookey Dash Unclogged in January 2024.

Dookey Dash Unclogged will be similar to the original game that the Yugaverse collectively spent an ungodly amount of time playing last year, but with more customization, enhanced graphics, mobile gameplay, and it will welcome Apes and non-apes to participate!



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Dookey Dash Unclogged and will let you know when everyone can dive into the sewers below the BAYC, Stay tuned for updates!

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