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Mutant Merch Drops And Apes Go Bananas!

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

The window for Mutant Ape Yacht Club members to purchase their exclusive club merchandise opened earlier today, and the mutants are going ape for it!

MAYC members took to Twitter Friday afternoon to show their fellow Bored Ape Yacht Club members what they purchased. NFT twitter was quickly flooded with screenshots of shirt, hoodie, hat and beanie orders.

“Ready for ape fest,” MAYC member Ginotheghost tweeted along with a photo of his MAYC merch order.

The MAYC shirts, hoodies, hats and beanies are still available for any MAYC member to purchase until Monday 10/25 at 2:59 a.m. EST, according to BAYC Co-Founder Gargamel. Mutant apes can order up to 2 of each item.

While the clothing items will be available all weekend, the club also sold a limited edition MAYC skateboard deck. This item promptly sold out as mutants went bananas for it!

“Grail secured, BAYC collector DFarmer tweeted after purchasing the skateboard deck. “BAYC is the biggest brand in the metaverse. If you don’t get it yet, you will.”

The skateboard deck features a beautiful explosion with mutant Curtis coming out of a radioactive waste container. The skateboard deck art also includes several club easter eggs on it including the mutant serums ingested to make mutant apes, a MAYC life preserver and a wooden tiki man.

“Pretty sure my nephew is going to love the deck, BAYC member Old Man Thoughts BAYC Gang Gang tweeted. “And I’m gonna love the beanies! Thanks @BoredApeYC!”

Currently, the MAYC skateboard decks are reselling on Ebay for at least $1,249.99 USD and one has sold for as much as $1,750, according to the sites listings and recent sales.

There is still time for MAYC members to get their mutant merch. Go check it out here:

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