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Nifty Tailor Is Dropping Its Genesis Project Tomorrow That Hopes To Keep Apes Looking Their Best

Nifty Tailor has been dressing Bored Ape Yacht Club members in latest fashions for months and now they’re launching their derivate project that aims to keep apes looking their best!

From Hundred’s Hoodies to NFL jerseys, to Mega Reveal cloaks, Kryptoragazzo and Cryptopenks have been dressing apes in the latest styles on their website Nifty Tailor for months.

Following the success and impact that Nifty Tailor has had on the BAYC community, Kryptoragazzo and Cryptopenks decided it was time to make their own project to keep apes dressed to the nines.

“Nifty Tailor has opened shop in the Metaverse," the website for the Genesis project states. “After equipping various frens and collections with the dopest right-click-saveable garments, we finally bring our famous designs onto the Ethereum blockchain.”

In order apes looking good, Nifty Tailor partnered with several artist from the metaverse; together they hope to move the metaverse fashion space forward.

“We are building a Web3 fashion platform that brings NFT holders, artists and brands together,” Cryptopenks told the Bored Ape Gazette. “It gives the possibility for holders to not only create and collect great art with the NFTs they own... But also leverage their assets to generate income with a built-in royalty function. It allows digital artists to merge their designs with great collections, increase their reach, and create a new source of revenue, as they participate in sales. And finally, it gives brands, celebrities, and others access to the world of NFTs without having to launch their own collections. Through us, they can offer their creations to the most sought-after NFT collections in a one-stop-shop.”

Nifty Tailors Genesis mint pass will give the ape and mutant ape holders the chance to mint one derivative per pass, according to the project’s website. The price to mint a Nifty Tailor Genesis pass will be .069 Eth and there will be a total of 2500 mint passes available for purchase. The window to mint the passes begins tomorrow at 5 p.m. EST.

If youre interested in finding out more about Nifty Tailor or their Genesis mint, be sure to check out their website :

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