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NO KRO: Yuga Labs CEO Daniel Alegre Said That Kevin Rose Will Not Be Joining The Yuga Labs Team

Yuga Labs’ Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Alegre, began last night’s bored meeting by confirming that the acquisition of the PROOF Collective does not mean that the project’s controversial founder, Kevin Rose, will bejoining the Yuga Labs team!

Following a feisty Friday around the swamp that saw many community members giving their two Sats on Yuga Labs’ recent PROOF acquisition, the company held a Bored Ape Yacht Club town hall on Saturday to address the Moonbird in the room.

 “Kevin Rose will not be joining Yuga,” Alegre said at the beginning of the meeting. “He will help with the integration, obliviously he knows the team and he knows the business, so he will join as an advisor to my team and me as we work through the integration. But he is not going to be joining Yuga.”

As the town hall went on, Alegre was asked about making the PROOF Collective and Moonbirds feel welcomed around the swamp, to which Alegre said that he believed much of the anger on the timeline on Friday was directed at Rose and not the Moonbirds community.

“A lot of the comments after the announcement were not necessarily directed at the community…in reality they were talking about something else,” he said. “I wish this announcement had a component of welcome Moonbirds community to the Yuga family, so I’ll say this openly here, welcome Moonbirds to the Yuga family I’m really happy to have them on bored."


The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you additional coverage of last night’s town hall and the PROOF and Moonbirds acquisition. Stay tuned for updates!

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