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ON THE BALLOT: Ape Beverages Is Looking To Produce/ Distribute 1M ApeCoin Powered Smart Water Cans!

After a three-week Ape Improvement Proposal drought, Ape Beverages is serving up an AIP that’s a cool drink of water!

AIP-184 titled “Ape Water powered by ApeCoin - Updated Proposal Formatting” is an ecosystem fund allocation proposal written by Ape Beverages.

Over the last year, Ape Water has been a staple product, and the drink of choice, at Bored Ape Yacht Club meet ups and events such as Otherblock and Ape Basel. Building upon its success, the company is now asking the DAO to help it level up and distribute 1 million ApeCoin powered smart cans.

“Ape Beverages and the APE community are one in the same,” the company wrote in its proposal. “The can is a grandiose brand awareness and distribution tool to elevate the APE community, cryptocurrency ecosystem, and Web3 collective. Ape Water is the only beverage for the Web3 space and will take over as the beverage of choice for essentially all Web3 events and home offices. Ape Water’s “Smart Can” technology allows for our beverage to break into markets such as sporting events, festivals, and concerts. Ape Water powered by ApeCoin will be seen at hundreds of live events. Only the attendees will be able to access the unique experiences on the can, by going through ApeCoin branded features. Millions of bottled water is handed out each year at live events in the US. We plan to eradicate plastic consumption, by offering an infinitely more sustainable solution with the highest quality water. All while simultaneously promoting ApeCoin through interactive experiences off the can.”

In total, Ape Beverages is asking the ApeCoin DAO for $3,750,000 USD to meet its 1 million ApeCoin powered can goal.

Take a look at the company's steps to implement and its budget breakdown below:

The window to vote on AIP-184 opens tonight at 9 P.M. EST and $Ape holders will have until Wednesday March 29th to cast their coins.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of AIP-184. Stay tuned for updates!

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