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ON THE BALLOT: Thank Ape's Phase 2 AIP Hopes To Empower More ApeCoin Builders In 2024!

Following a year of PropHouse contests, real-life events, memes, spaces, and much more, the creators of the Thank Ape program are hoping to take a larger role in the $Ape community as they continue to propel $Ape forward and empower community members in this Ape Improvement Proposal!

AIP-379 titled ‘Thank APE - Phase II: Amplifying a Movement,’ is an ecosystem fund allocation proposal written by ThriveCoin Founder and Thank Ape creator, ThriveGiraffe.

“We are Apes,” ThriveGiraffe wrote. “Our motivation is to create enormous value for ApeCoin DAO - by rewarding and recognizing valuable decentralized contributions to our DAO. We’ve been doing this since our first Thank APE Proposal AIP-124 passed almost a year ago. Our motivation - combined with our tech and expertise, and your partnership - has helped support significant accomplishments since we launched in April of this year.”

With Thank Ape Phase II, ThriveGiraffe and the Thank Ape team hope to find opportunities to proliferate $Ape and support the stellar primates that are working to make $Ape the coin of culture and the Metaverse.

“ApeCoin must create value now,” he wrote. “To do that, we must attract, fund, and coordinate the best talent to address our DAO’s biggest needs. Speed and accuracy matter. Trust matters. Automation and decentralization matter. Utility is essential. Thank APE - Phase II is a one-year initiative that proposes to: 1. Continuously sense into the biggest needs and opportunities for ApeCoin DAO.2. Attract, fund, and coordinate the best talent to quickly respond to those needs. 3. Incentivize community members to engage and support value-creating projects.”

To do this, Thank Ape is asking the DAO to allocate 4.2 million $Ape or $5,922,000 USD to Thank Ape Phase II.

80% of the 4.2 million $Ape will go towards funding and supporting builders in the $Ape ecosystem and the other 20% of the ApeCoin will go towards service provider fees. Take a look at how the $Ape will be spent below:



“Thank APE - Phase II proposes to build on the work we’ve done,” ThriveGiraffe wrote. “ We are doubling down on what’s worked, learning from what hasn’t, and adding enormous new capability along the way. We believe in the future of our ApeCoin community. We look forward to continuing to work hard for you and our community - and to honoring your hard work”

The window to vote on AIP-379  is currently open and $Apes have until February 1st to cast their coins.


The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about Thank Ape Phase II and will bring you an interview with the team before the polls close next week. Stay tuned for updates!

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