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ON THE BALLOT: The JRNY Gallery Wants Partner With ApeCoin And Educate Art Enthusiasts About $Ape!

From Art to Ape, the JRNY Club has been on a mission to educate thousands of art enthusiasts  about NFTS through its JRNY Gallery in Las Vegas For the past year. Now, this art initiative is ready to embark on its next great adventure, teaching the masses about $Ape, and they are inviting the DAO to join them and sponsor this ‘Artjourney’ with this Ape Improvement Proposal.

AIP-411 titled’ ArtJourney with ApeCoin: The JRNY Gallery Experience,’ is an Ecosystem Fund Allocation proposal written by longtime Bored Ape Yacht Club member, Otherside mogul, and $Ape whale, JRNY, and his JRNYClub.

“We proudly present “ArtJourney with ApeCoin: The JRNY Gallery Experience,” agroundbreaking proposal that synergizes the dynamic realms of digital art andcryptocurrency,” JRNY wrote. “In partnership with the JRNY Gallery, a leading force in the NFT art scene and an enthusiastic promoter of the Web3 community, this initiative is designed to enhance the visibility and utility of ApeCoin. Founded by JRNY Crypto, a distinguished crypto expert and dedicated Ape holder, JRNY Gallery is a physical NFT Gallery situated in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas’ Arts District. This proposal aims to harness JRNY Gallery’s unique position at the crossroads of digital and physical art worlds, creating a space where cutting-edge technology meets creative expression.”

Take a look at the Gallery below:

In AIP-411, JRNY Club stated that by collaborating with and sponsoring their already established NFT art gallery, $Ape would provide the ApeCoin DAO with the opportunity to reach thousands of people in real life and expand its physical presence.

“JRNY Gallery is not just a gallery; it’s a cultural hub, showcasing diverse digital arttalents and hosting events that unite artists, enthusiasts, investors, and innovators,” JRNY Club wrote. By integrating ApeCoin into this vibrant setting, we aspire to cultivate a deeperunderstanding and appreciation of ApeCoin’s potential, extending beyond the artcommunity into the broader spectrum of digital innovation.”

To achieve this, JRNY Club wrote that they would like to prominently display that their gallery is powered by ApeCoin, give guests promotional materials about $Ape, and feature 'Powered by ApeCoin' in all of their marketing efforts. Furthermore, JRNY Club would also like to create $Ape educational videos, host monthly $Ape community events, accept $Ape as a form of payment, and do other things to promote the coin!

In total, JRNY Club is asking the ApeCoin DAO to allocate 400,000 $Ape or $540,000 USD towards this partnership. Take a look at the budget below:


The window to vote on AIP-411 is currently open and ApeCoin DAO Contributors have until Wednesday, to cast their coins.



The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about the JRNY Club’s ArtJourney with ApeCoin. Stay tuned for updates!

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