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ON THE BALLOT: This AIP Aims To Build A Multi-Language Information Hub For The $Ape Community

This Ape Improvement Proposal aims to create a multi-langue information hub that covers the Yuga Labs community.

AIP-232 titled “Resubmission of Building Apeverse: A Multi-language Information Hub for the Ape Ecosystem” is an ecosystem fund allocation proposal written by Bored Ape Yacht Club member ChrisL.

“The creation of the multi-language information hub, Apeverse, is a move aiming at aggregating information dissemination and community engagement for the rapidly growing Ape ecosystem,” ChrisL wrote. “With the expanding Ape community, it is crucial to have a platform that provides timely and accessible information on the latest updates, data, and activities within the ecosystem. Apeverse will not only serve as a source of information but also as a platform for community members to connect and collaborate, fostering a sense of community and promoting growth. The platform will track dynamic changes of Ape-related NFTs and Apecoin and provide data analysis to showcase the progress of the ecosystem, further promoting transparency and accountability within the community.”

ChrisL went on to explain that his proposed Apeverse site be available in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and that it will feature news articles, important statistics on the NFT market, an ApeCoin price chart, and an activities page.

In total ChrisL is asking the ApeCoin DAO to allocate $135,000 USD to create and fund his Apeverse website. Take a look at his budget below:

The window to vote on AIP-232 opens tonight at 9 P.M. EST and $Ape holders will have until Wednesday April 19th to cast their coins.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about AIP-232 and will bring you continued coverage of this proposal all week. Stay tuned for updates!

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