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ON THE BALLOT: This AIP Wants The DAO To Look Into Creating A Delegate Community Program For Voting

There is an Ape Improvement Proposal on the ballot this week that aims to establish a framework for sub-communities within the $Ape ecosystem to create their own delegate groups and vote as a block!

AIP-292 titled “Inclusive Governance: Delegate Community Program,” is a Process Proposal written by ApeCoin DAO Contributor and Novel Labs Head of Partnerships, NFD.

“This proposal seeks approval to establish a process and framework to build out a “Delegate Community Program" for the purpose of fostering inclusivity, further decentralization of cultural governance, and encouraging collaboration with ApeCoin from diverse web3 communities,” NFD wrote.

In his proposal, NFD explains that the ApeCoin DAO should look into ways to help NFT communities outside the Yugaverse set up their own delegate communities within the ApeCoin ecosystem and help onboard them into the DAO. By onboarding other communities, NFD believes that ApeCoin will be able to onboard other communities builders to $Ape.

“We spend a great deal of time talking about the need for greater awareness and participation in the DAO and wider use cases for ApeCoin itself, often citing the need to look beyond the current web3 space. However, there are a great many communities and projects in our existing market who have skilled, enthusiastic builders who could be materially moving the dial in terms of bringing the next ‘big thing’ to ApeCoin. This proposal goes a long way in establishing a productive network effect.”

AIP-292 will not cost the DAO anything and is only asking the community whether or not NFD and the DAO should look into the creation of a Delegate Community Program.

“This proposal is not requesting approval for the final program implementation,” NFD wrote. “Rather, this proposal is introducing voters to the concept of delegating power to and incentivizing communities across web3 to engage with ApeCoin and its governance. For the avoidance of doubt, there is NO COST FOR THIS INITIAL PROPOSAL.”

The window to vote on AIP-292 is currently open and ApeCoin DAO Contributors have until next Wednesday, September 13th, to cast their coins on this proposal.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to learn more about AIP-292 and NFD's vision for a Delegate Community Program and its impact on the DAO. Stay tuned for updates!

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