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OPINION: See what These BAYC Members Said When Asked "What The Fuck Is A Koda?"

As Voyagers prepare to break on through to the Otherside on March 25th, many in the Yugaverse have a lingering question; “WHAT THE FUCK S A KODA?”

WTF is a Koda has been a question at the top of every Yuga Labs NFT holders mind since the 10,000 creatures were first introduced to the community during the Otherside mint last year.

In February 2023, Yuga Labs’ Chief Gaming Officer Spencer Tucker teased the community with the possibility of finding out more about the Kodas this year.

“Gonna be a big year, see you on the Otherside, maybe we finally answer the question, WTF is a Koda,” Tucker tweeted.

While we do not have any official information on what a Koda is, I spoke with some notable Bored Apes and asked them a simple question, “What the fuck is a Koda?”

Take a look at what BAYC members Philbacka31, Franalations23, and BAYC364 AKA Koko said about Kodas and check out my thoughts below:


First off, I asked my good buddy @phibacka31, according to Phil he things a Koda is a “guide”. They will help us to better understand and grow within The Otherside by teaching, farming, and protecting our land.


Next up I asked a veteran in this space, and a major proponent of the Yuga ecosystem, @franalations23. Franalations has a different outlook, he thinks that because Koda’s have already been seen in Otherside gameplay trailers adventuring alongside apes they will decouple from the land and be a standalone PFP. Once this happens he thinks “they will have utility like

BAYC, but all of the utility will add value within the Otherside specifically”. This could be faster travel, more resources gathered, maybe even early access to game play locations.


Lastly, I had a few words with a distinguished degen, @BAYC364. Koko thinks that a Koda is a “magical interdimensional traveler”. Kodas are flatulent and unassuming in stature, but they are very powerful and brave when needed. These gassy little travelers are the natives of the Otherside, the ancient species, they’re watchers and protectors.

As for myself (SerBeachBum), I think it could be a combination of all these things. Could they be awesome PFP’s? Could they be a version of a pack yak(a callback to my Runescape gaming days) to carry and hold resources gathered on The Otherside? Could they live on certain plots of land and go to battle with intruders?? Sure, they can, none of us know. That to me, is what is exciting about The Otherside. We know it is going to be a massive Metaverse that will be used for a plethora of things, and will almost certainly “change the game”, but there are so many unknowns that the excitement for some is nearly boundless. Maybe we will find out more soon with the pending second trip.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to investigate what the fuck a Koda is and will keep you posted on all things second trip. Stay tuned for updates!

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Spence Melvin
Spence Melvin
3 days ago

That is, in my opinion, the most intriguing aspect of The Otherside. We are aware that it will be a huge Metaverse serving many purposes and will likely "change the game". basketball legends

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