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SPECULATION: Here's What Three Bored Apes Think About The HV-MTL Mechs

Over the last week the Yugaverse has learned a lot about Legends of The Mara 2D Experience and now many in the community are wondering when the Bored Ape Yacht Club will give HV-MTL Holders more information on the Mechs!

Yuga Labs brought the crypto world into a new age of Web3 gaming with the DooKey Dash skill-based mint earlier this year; and after two tours of doody in the sewers underneath the swamp, players have revealed their power sources and know what type of HV-MTL Mech they will get going forward.

While everyone knows their Mech types, many are wondering what’s coming up in the HV-MTL storyline.

To find out more about the Mechs, the Gazette’s SerBeachBum spoke with some members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and asked them for their thoughts on these HV-MTL pieces.

Check out the conversations below:


First, I spoke with @BoredPharmacist, they said that they do think these pieces will become PFP’s somewhere down the line, but they should not get the same club benefits as BAYC or MAYC members. If these do become a PFP they will be a tier lower than MAYC, so it would go BAYC, MAYC, then HV-MTL, somewhere down the road.


Next I spoke with Ben.Eth, and they had a different theory that I personally haven’t heard yet, and one I like the thought of. Ben thinks that these HV-MTL pieces will end up being mechs, maybe even PFP’s. Where Ben’s thoughts differ is that these mechs will be the avatars of the first part(s) of the Otherside. This would create a benefit for Yuga Labs as they wouldn’t have to create and render an avatar for all 10,000 apes, instead they will just be able to use this mech avatar instead.


Lastly, I chatted with @BagHoldingNFTs and they provided me a plethora of thoughts and potentials for the HV-MTL NFT’s. First off, Bag Holder thinks that Yuga Labs will launch their next minigame along with the next step in the reveal of HV-MTL, this follows with a fair bit of speculation that the game type will be a strategy-based concept, perhaps a “tower defense” style game, so there seems to be an interesting possibility there. As for these HV-MTL NFTs turning into mechs, they think it is actually unlikely, differing from many common thoughts. Instead of taking the mech route Bag Holder thinks that “we may see something resembling a robotic sidekick for Bored Apes, as hinted in Gary the Dog Prophet’s sketch”. Whatever this becomes they don’t think it’ll be granted the same club benefits since Yuga Labs has previously emphasized that the membership is limited to those two groups(BAYC and MAYC). This doesn’t mean however that there won’t be a benefit to owning this HV-MTL piece, in fact Bag Holder thinks that owning both HV-MTL and a Bored Ape it may “grant continued advantages in the upcoming mini-games, making the experience even more enjoyable”.

Only time will tell what the plan is with these HV-MTL Mechs. The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this story and will let you know when more information is announced. Stay tuned for updates!

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