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OTHERSIDE: The BAYC Released New Information On This Weekend's Mint. Here's What We Know:

The Bored Ape Yacht Club released new information about the Otherside this evening and shed light on why the club asked people to complete a Know Your Customer last month.

“The Otherside adventure will begin on 4/30 at 12pm ET, only on” the club posted on its new Twitter account OthersideMeta. “The KYC on was to participate in Saturday’s mint — only those who KYCed can participate.”

This Saturday’s mint will be a Dutch Auction and priced exclusively in $Ape coin, according to the club.

While Saturday’s mint will be avaible to those who completed the. KYC, apes and mutants will be able to claim an NFT after the auction ends.

“BAYC and MAYC holders, you’ll be able to claim an NFT for 21 days after the auction,” the club said. “You don’t need to be KYC-approved to claim, but you DO need to be KYC-approved to mint in the auction.”

While many apes read this section of the thread to mean that apes and mutants will get a free plot of land (note land is not mentioned in the thread), this BAYC member thinks current club members could receive Kodas or some other NFT.

“What if the free claim is actually Kodas for Apes and Goblins for Mutants and the auction is land,” BAYC member Louachu2 tweeted. “Why would Animoca lawyers allow apes/mutants to get around KYC? Wording of post only says apes/mutants will claim “an NFT.”"

It’s important to note that OthersideMeta did not mention Kodas in tonight’s thread.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, apes are speculating on Kodas and what role they will play in the Otherside. BAYC member The Moroccan Ape even swept the MAYC floor yesterday in anticipation for Kodas. ““My MAYC squad is fucking ready,” he said along with a collage of his BAYC and MAYC collection. “We are going to eat some KODAS!”

While not much is known about Kodas, many BAYC members believe that Kodas will be randomly distributed during this weekend’s mint.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, many apes and non-apes believe that Kodas were shown in the club’s Otherside Metaverse teaser trailer on March 18th.

In the trailer, Curtis ingests a potent concoction that causes the primate to trip out. Curtis begins to see volcanos, icebergs, and an interesting floating world. All of this as the song Break On Through (to the Other Side) by The Doors plays in the background.

Curtis is then taken away by the same creature that is on the bottle of the potent concoction that he consumed.

Many BAYC members believe that the creature is a “Koda.” The idea of koda’s in the BAYC universe were first referenced earlier this year in a leaked Venture Capital Pitch Deck. At the time of the leak, club founders Garga said that the pitch deck was outdated.

Regardless if the the claim for apes and mutants is land or some other NFT, BAYC members are excited to see what’s to come.

Along with shedding light on this weekend’s mint, the OthersideMeta also explained what will happen to the $Ape coin from the sale. “And before anyone asks: Whatever ApeCoin is earned from this auction will be locked up for one year. That means no voting with it in the ApeCoin DAO either.”

Be sure to check out OthersideMeta's full thread here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Otherside and let you know when more information becomes avaible.

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