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Pizza Mouth Bored Ape Sells For Nearly $100,000 USD, See How Much The New Owner Has Him Listed For

Despite Crypto markets being choppy, rare Bored Apes keep selling for high prices.

Bored Ape #7265 sold for 49 Eth or $98,000 USD Wednesday.

This is the one of the highest sales for an ape that isnt a Gold or trippy fur ape, based on recent sales.

Bored Ape #7265 was purchased by Opensea user Not_Rick. Bored Ape #7265 is Not Rick’s 6th Bored Ape, according to his account.

Bored Ape #7265 is a seven trait white fur ape with a bored unshaven pizza mouth and a tie dye t shirt. Based on these traits, Bored Ape #7265 is the 18th most rare ape, according to Rarity Tools.

After the purchase, Not Rick has listed Bored Ape #7265 on Opensea for 150 Eth or $300,000.

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