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PunksOTC Traded Four CryptoPunks For The Gold Fur Bored Ape That Sold At Sotheby's Last Week!

Updated: Jul 5

Onchain fireworks were flying just before the Fourth of July last night as PunksOTC made a bored blockbuster deal with the anonymous buyer of the Gold Fur Bored Ape that sold at Sotheby’s auction house last week!

On Wednesday, legendary CryptoPunks dealer PunksOTC traded four CryptoPunks for the solid gold fur Bored Ape, according to OpenSea data.

In the deal, PunksOTC received Bored Ape #8552, a seven-trait gold fur Ape with a sushi chef headband, biker vest, and bored pipe.


The anonymous Sotheby’s buyer from last week received CryptoPunks 2039, 2233, 1434, and 7054 in exchange for the gold Ape.

While we do not know who the Sotheby's buyer that PunkOTC trade with is, we do know that this is not the first deal PunksOTC has made with him, accoridng to a Discord post in the Punk Public Chat last night.

Following last night’s trade, PunksOTC has relisted Bored Ape #8552 for 129 ETH, or $407,535 USD.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow PunksOTC, the anonymous Sotheby’s buyer, and will let you know who eventually purchases this premiere primate. Stay tuned for updates.

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