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Q&A Find Out More About AIP-112 “Forever Apes, Free Luxury Physicals For All $APE Holders”

The Apecoin DAO is currently voting on an Ape Improvement Proposal that aims to reward $Ape holders with free Ape inspired items.

AIP-112 titled “Forever Apes, free luxury physicals for all $APE holders” is a brand decision AIP that was written by ForeverApesNFT founder and Bored Ape Yacht club member, 12Gauge.

“This proposal presents the idea that ApeCoin holders should be eligible for free-to-claim luxury products produced by the Forever Apes team,” 12Gauge wrote in their proposal. “Through a mix of free-to-claim digital and physical products, we will create a unisocks type buzz and stimulate the $APE community, engagement and growth.”

The first item that 12Gauge wants to make available for claim is a BAYC inspired deck of cards. Check out some of the concept art for the cards here:

In total, 12Guage is asking the ApeCoin DAO for $45,000 USD so he can produce and distribute 1,000 decks of cards to $Ape holders on a first come first serve basis.

In order to find out more about AIP-112 and the ForeverApesNFT project, the Bored Ape Gazette interviewed 12Gauge. Check out the interview below:

1: Tell me about yourself what’s your background, and how’d you join the BAYC?

“Spearheaded by Brazy and 12GAUGE, this particular AIP consists of 4 major contributors, 3 OG Apes and 1 normie. Thread to team bio :…

2: When and why did you make Forever Apes?

“We (12GAUGE and Brazy) came from the agency world, where it’s dog eat dog, an unfulfilling grind in many ways. In September 2021 we decided to go all-in on the web3 space with the goal of both being part of, and helping build this community. The idea of Forever Apes was started out of a celebration of our (the nft community) journeys into web3, new paths, new friends, new ideas. We remain blown away by how tight knit the NFT and specifically the BAYC community is. There are so many incredible stories, people, and hope and dreams within the space, and we can't be more excited to be along for the ride.”

3: Why did you choose playing cards for your first claimable item?

“We wanted to get our first proof of concept product into the market quickly, as we make progress on our coffee table book and other projects/products. Unfortunately, due to the state of the world, we ran into supply chain issues and the cost of goods changed overnight on us, so we decided to focus on smaller wins as a stop gap until the global market corrects and make progress on all fronts at the same time versus focusing on a single hero product.”

4: When will holders who claim their cards be able to get them? What’s the timeline look like?

“Our first deck of cards (BAYC focused) were used at the Apes VS Punks poker tournament in September and we turned them around in five weeks from start to finish. We're currently working through the creative on our ApeCoin designed deck, and expect the cards to be completed in production and shipped within 4-5 weeks of receiving the proposal funds.”

5: What should $Ape holders know about your project?

"Many things can be done outside the DAO, many things can be done in alternate ways, but community initiatives and community building is something that people take for granted. People bond over BAYC/MAYC/Meebits/Punks IP, plain and simple. It's what we all talk about day in day out, what leads to IRL meetups and events, and what has brought people together from all walks of life from all over the world. Our AIP is not about innovation, it's not about creating new protocols, it's not even about the ApeCoin brand - it's about fostering the community and furthering the bond we all have with one another."

6: After the cards claim, where do you see Forever Apes going next? What’s the future look like? What's next?

“Keep building. Literally. Our next AIP will be released in the next few days and it’s a LEGO kit. If our AIP gets passed it will be an honor to work with the ApeCoin IP, and on a selfish level we are finally having fun again. Creating for the community literally is a dream come true for us. AIP-112 is just a first step in our vision, and we have big plans for our future drops and we want to make you all proud to hold $APE.

7: Do you have anything you’d like to add?


The window to vote on AIP-112 closes on Wednesday October 26th at 9 P.M. EST. You can read 12Gauge's full proposal here:

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