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Q&A: This AIP Aims To Create a Decentralized Network Of IRL Events. Find Out More About AIP-226

The ApeCoin DAO is currently voting on an Ape Improvement proposal that aims to expand the $Ape community through a decentralized network of in real life events!

AIP-226 titled “ApeCoinIRL - Decentralized Events Network,” is an ecosystem allocation fund proposal written by Bored Ape Yacht Club member and ApeCoin DAO contributor SSP1111.

“ApeCoinIRL is bringing the power of local, in-person gatherings to the forefront of the ApeCoin Ecosystem," SSP wrote. “By establishing a Decentralized Events Network, we’re creating a seamless onboarding ramp for those entering Web3 and the ApeCoin ecosystem.”

To create this “decentralized events network,” SSP plans to work with ApeCoin DAO contributors from around the world. Check out a map of some of the ApeCoin “local Champions” below:

In total, SSP is asking the DAO to allocate 570,619 $Ape or $2,396,000 USD to create and fund the ApeCoinIRL network. This network will then distribute $Ape to Dao contributors to host in real life events. “85% of Grant goes to Local DAO Ambassadors for 200+ Local Events,” SSP wrote.

To find out more about AIP-226 and the importance of in real life events, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to SSP for an interview. Check it out below:

Can you tell me a bit about you and how you joined the DAO?

“IRL world experience: opened luxury resorts and private clubs for Fortune 500 corps, then did same for a billionaire at Yellowstone Club World and 11 other destinations worldwide-- sold a Virtual World Gaming Studio to pre-candy crush saga back in 2012 -- then went into assisting tech startups from napkin stage to seed or angel and yCombinator since -- last ten years and currently producing IRL events around Coachella for luxury brands”

What inspired you to write this AIP? How’d you’d come up with it?

“The DAO voted for and funded an IRL Events Feasibility Study with AIP-64 -- I published the findings in Nov 2022 and AIP-226 is the result of that DAO study.”

Why are in real life events important for the ApeCoin DAO?

“No matter what the mission of the DAO is, the whole purpose Yuga Labs setup the DAO in the first place was to prove to the regulators that $APE has more utility and uses than just a speculative token -- the DAO needs to create hundreds of ideas, outlets, use-cases for $APE and hundreds of IRL events around the world is one path of accomplishing this moat.” In a sentence or two can You explain what ApeCoin IRL does and why it’s needed?

“ApeCoinIRL is an attempt at empowering local members in regions all over the world at becoming ambassadors for the DAO by giving them a budget, tech and ticketing tools to support their ideas, and a master calendar and events directory for all events Powered by ApeCoin. Not only do small, educational gatherings serve as a bridge to web3 for mainstream users and an introduction to ApeCoin for other NFT projects and communities, the network also serves as a distribution platform for products and service born in and funded by the DAO.”

I’ve seen some hesitation about the price tag of this AIP. What would you like to say or explain about the price?

“The main thing to say about the price tag is that we're basically spreading out an events budget across 20 regions around the world with each getting approx $50k-80K for a year's worth of IRL Events. Think of it as voting on 20 separate AIPs but with the added bonus of shared technology, shared ticketing, shared branding, merch, tradeshow dress, etc. where 1 + 1 = 3.”

Where do you see this ApeCoin irl a year from now?

“If it passes, I see thousands of individuals being onboarded to the ApeCoin ecosystem, hundreds of new members participating with new ideas and proposals and thousands of hours of content from these events being shared across socials, and if that's accomplished then a year from now we should be looking at expanding our footprint to more cities, more regions. If it doesn't pass, then we'll review and see how it could accomplish similar outcomes from a follow-up AIP or within a Working Group.”

Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

The main thing is that IRL Events are here to stay, they create deeper bonds within communities and we just need to diversify our reach and awareness. IRL Events Powered by Apecoin are an opportunity to empower members to be a voice of authority in their towns, cities, regions and to safely onboard the millions of new users we're gonna need in Web3 if we're to grow the space at all.

The window to vote on AIP-226 is currently open and $Ape holders have until tomorrow night at 9 P.M. EST to cast their coins.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow AIP-226 and will let you know how to the DAO votes. Stay tuned for updates!

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