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Q&A: This AIP Wants To Bring A Battle Royale Meets Bumper Cart Game To The $Ape Ecosystem!



The ApeCoin DAO is voting on an Ape Improvement Proposal this week that hopes to bring a Mario Kart-meets-Battle Royale bumper carts game to the $Ape ecosystem, featuring Meebits and Apes!


AIP-365 titled “PKing - 3D MOBA Mobile Game: YugaNFT+ApeCoin As Game Currency,” is an ecosystem fund allocation proposal that was written by ApeCoin DAO Contributor CrpytoWoody.


“PKing is a MOBA ( 3D pixel racing metaverse enlightenment game created for Meebits and Apes,” CryptoWoody wrote. “Players can transform Meebits into PKing racers, DIY their own cars, and compete with global players online in a thrilling racing collision game. Explore the fun of character growth. The background of the game is set in the mysterious metaverse where humans, aliens and AI coexist after the Third World War.”

In their AIP, CryptoWoody shared footage of the game to give $Apes a need for speed and a sense of the gameplay!


In PKing's game, players will be able to play for free or spend $Ape to upgrade their karts, increase their abilities, among other things, according to the proposal.


In total, CryptoWoody is asking the ApeCoin DAO to allocate 30,000 $Ape to their project.

With the funds, CryptoWoody and their team will use 10,000 $Ape on marketing, 10,000 $Ape on a prize pool, and 10,000 $Ape on updates to the game to make it more Ape and Yuga themed.


To find out more about the game and when $Apes can get behind the digital wheel, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to PKing Games for an interview. Check it out below:


1. In a sentence or two can you sum up your proposal?


“Ape and Meebs holders change the world through gaming.”


 2. What inspired you to make this game?


“I used to be just a boring and introverted ordinary person. Ape and Meebits made me awaken part of the metaverse genes. Although I have not fully awakened yet, I still need to continue to study hard and practice. I feel that I should do what I can for the metaverse and the community. things.”

 3. Is there a story and levels in this game?


“The metaverse is a cyclic nesting of the virtual world and the real world. Today’s human beings are the descendants of dummies from the victor in the last creation, and digital humans are the real descendants of the loser in creation; AI feeds on human emotions and consciousness. The aftermath of the Creation War caused mutations and loss of genetic sequences in various species. AI trains humans to piece together a complete genetic map; Human behavioral consciousness in the real world is affected by genetic codes and random quanta; On the surface, PKing is about competing for resources through racing game points. In fact, the end game is the key to self-awakening and starting the creation war of the metaverse.”


 4. What games is your game most similar to?


“I haven’t seen any games similar to it. I hope PKing can at least be like bumper cars, allowing us to play simply and happily with friends.”


 5. Is the game already made? If it is, where can $Apes play? If not, then when will $Apes be able to play it?


“We held an offline trial event at ApeFestval in November 2023. We plan to hold online test events for Android and Apple phones in Q1 2024, and decide the final launch time based on player feedback and adjustments.”


 6. What should Apes know about you and the game before they vote?


“PKing is different. Although I am also an ordinary Ape, I hope everyone can read the content of our AIP before voting, and hope that we can seek common ground while reserving differences. Beyond what you see.”


 7. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?


“Thanks Ape, Thanks Meebs, Thanks Web3.”


The window to vote on AIP-365 is currently open and ApeCoin DAO Contributors have until January 18th at 9 P.M. EST to cast their coins and vote on the proposal.

The Bored Ape Gazette will let you know how the community votes after the polls close. Stay tuned for updates!

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Andrew Ferk

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