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Q&A: This AIP Wants To Create A Web3 Development Working Group That's Goal Will Be To Build Revenue Generating Projects

The ApeCoin DAO is voting on an Ape Improvement Proposal this week that aims to create a Web3 Development Working Group whose focus will be on building income-generating projects for the DAO!

AIP-376 titled ‘Working Group Charter - Web3 Development,’ is a process proposal written by ApeCoin DAO Contributor 0xWebMoss.

“It was recently announced that the ApeCoin DAO can receive revenue from AIPs and projects within the Ape and ApeCoin communities,” 0xWebMoss wrote. “There has been much talk around bringing much needed value back to the DAO and believe there needs to be a more structured focus on doing this. The ApeCoin DAO Development Working Group will focus solely on this and aims to create various projects and initiatives that will serve this exact purpose.”

To capitalize on the fact that the ApeCoin DAO can receive revenue, 0xWebMoss proposed that the DAO should establish a three person Web3 Development committee that will be responsible for 1. Ensuring that the group is acting in the best interest of the community. 2. Supporting community Initiatives which are within the scope of the Groups mandate. 3. Overseeing the group’s budget and expenses. 4.Providing regular updates to the DAO community on the group’s operations and decisions,” according to the proposal.

AIP-376 will not cost the DAO anything monetarily today, and any budget that the Web3 Development Working Group may request in the future would have to be voted on by the ApeCoin DAO community.

If passed, AIP-376's Web3 Development Working Group would become the fourth working group in the $Ape ecosystem, joining the Metaverse, Marketing and Communications, and Governance Working Groups.


To find out more about AIP-376 and why the DAO needs a Web3 Development Working Group, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to 0xWebMoss for an interview. Check it out below:

1. In a sentence or two can you sum up your proposal?

“ The aim of this proposal is to start building income generating projects for the ApeCoin DAO. We would like to support other ApeCoin initiatives like ThankApe, Boring Security DAO, MBA licensed projects and the ApeCoin community.”

 2. What inspired you to write this proposal?


“It was recently announced that the DAO can receive revenue back, but we need to define a clear structure for this. ApeChain is also coming soon and holds a wealth of opportunities for the ApeCoin community. Let's align our voters and build into the future together.”

 3. Why does the DAO need a Web3 Development Working Group?

“I feel a dedicated group will be needed to focus on the technical as well as business development of the ApeChain and other DAO revenue generators.”

 4. Why is having a separate Web3 Development Working Group a better option for the DAO than having the current working Groups focus on Web3 Development?

“This group will be more technical in nature and may be responsible for the setup and creation of in-house projects that will be built, for example an ApeCoin Payment Gateways, ApeSwop, ApeMint, etc. There are various projects we can create as ApeCoin branded projects that will yield returns for the ApeCoin DAO and community.”

 5. I know your proposal does not cost anything, but what kind of budget do you anticipate the Web3 Development group asking for if passed?

“ At this stage I expect a small budget for the Stewards to perform their duties and attend to the matters at hand. Any projects we identify as potential candidates will be presented to the community for vote with a proper budget and options, so we can align with our voters and build forward together as a unit. “

6. What should $Apes know before they vote?

“The main purpose of this group is to create a system that returns value back to the ApeCoin DAO, whether it be a simple payment gateway or a more complex ApeChain integration. The goal is to create a way for the ApeCoin DAO to keep building and keep earning from it's hard work and investments.”


7. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

“Let's build the Future of ApeCoin and ApeChain together.”


The window to vote on AIP-376 is currently open and $Apes have until this Thursday, February 1st, to cast their coins.


The Bored Ape Gazette will let you know how the community votes after the polls close tomorrow night. Stay tuned for updates!

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Apr 12

The article delves into the initiative of an AIP (Ape Improvement Proposal) aiming to establish a Web3 development working group with the objective of generating revenue. It outlines the goals and aspirations of the proposed group within the context of the Web3 ecosystem. While the focus is on Web3 development, there's no direct mention of digital marketing and web development services. However, such collaborations often involve leveraging digital marketing strategies to promote Web3 projects and require expertise in web development to bring innovative ideas to life in the digital realm. Integrating these elements could enhance the success of the proposed working group's endeavors.

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