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Question And Answer: Find Out More About AIP-106 From Its Author 0xSword

The ApeCoin DAO is currently voting on an Ape Improvement Proposal that aims to create POAPs (Proof of attendance protocol) to reward DAO members who participate in community votes.

AIP-106 titled “POAP Voting Rewards” is a process proposal that was submitted by ApeCoin DAO contributor 0xSword.

“This proposal directs Ape Foundation to add POAP NFT rewards for voters,” 0xSword wrote. “These are distributed through the Snapshot voting system for users to keep & share on social media channels. This proposal also creates a 30-day contest to select 4 designs and reward its creators with 100 $APE each.”

Further in the proposal, 0xSword explained that he believes that the creation of POAP rewards will lead to higher voter turnout going forward.

“Rewarding voters with POAPs will create awareness on social media towards active proposals and encourage conversation around taking part in the voting process,” 0xSword wrote.

To make AIP-106 a reality, 0xSword is asking the DAO for 400 ApeCoin that will go towards paying the four POAP artists for their designs.

To find out more about AIP-106, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to 0xSword and asked him some questions.

Check out the Gazette’s interview with 0xSword below:

1. What inspired you to make this AIP?

"I was inspired to write this AIP from conversations with other DAO members. We were discussing ways to increase voting, and somebody suggested "I voted stickers!" It just made sense! Snapshot already has the feature built in to distribute these. This proposal activates that for our community."

2. Why is rewarding voting important?

"Being an active token holder means more responsibility. A POAP is a simple "thank you!" You were here, you were involved in the process, and this a small reward for that. It's an NFT that can be shared on social media, and perhaps we can create future rewards to exchange them for. T-shirt?"

3. How can artist submit their POAP designs?

"Anyone with one Apecoin can submit their POAP submission for the contest. There will be a post on the official forums for entries. Additionally, there will be a twitter contested hosted by Art Gobblers, a large community of artists, where artists without $APE can tweet their entries."

4. Will each week’s vote have a new POAP? What’s the plan after the first designs?

"The contest invites the forum community to vote on 4 designs. The entries with the top votes after 30 days will recieve 100 $APE. These designs will cycle with each vote! An AIP proposer can also submit a custom POAP to reward voters. These designs will continue to be used until replaced."

5. Where do you see this AIP going in six months from now?

"In six months, we may look to add more designs. Or even a greater reward program. I mentioned T-shirts earlier. Perhaps we could exchange these POAPs for something in the future. There's options for this as we move into a new year. For now, this gets us started with simple voting rewards!"

6. Will people who delegate their $Ape to another person be eligible to get the POAPs?

"Delegators will not be able to receive these POAPs. Only wallets that actively vote on a proposal will be eligible for the reward. In the future, we could look at ways to do this. Technologically speaking, doing so will require a more advanced (and costly!) solution."

7. Would you be open to looking into a way to reward those who delegate their $Ape in the future?

"Yes! In the future, it’ll be important for the DAO to look at ways to reward those who use the delegate system. That could be done in a variety of ways, simple POAPs like these, or maybe a unique variation of this rewards system tailored for delegators. For now, delegators can soon expect updated UI & tools from the approved AIP-89 proposal!"

8. Do you have anything you’d like to add?

"The Twitter contest with ARt Gobblers will be fun. They have a BIG community of artists & experience with hosting contests. If you're a token holder, follow the twitter contest, and you can nominate any artists entry, by forwarding their twitter handle & art entry onto the forums."

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