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READY SET BUILD: Forever Apes Now Has 50 Free Lego Build Instructions On Its Website.

The builders at Forever Apes have continued to build out the Yugaverse one Lego brick at a time and now have 50 free Yuga-inspired builds available on their website!

Whether the market conditions are bullish or bearish, the Forever Apes team, which has been creating physical products across the Yugaverse since 2022, continues to bridge web3's largest ecosystem with the physical world.

Keeping with that goal, the Forever Apes team announced yesterday that there are now 50 free Yugaverse Lego build instructions on their website, featuring notable Bored Ape Yacht Club members like PP Man, and a massive ApeCoin-inspired build!

“Thanks to Thank Ape and our winning builders contest submission, we've added 30 new builds to our site, with nearly 50 in total,” Forever Apes told the Gazette. “Anyone can download the build instructions and parts lists for free, and then can grab their bricks from the official LEGO site. We've got a mix of some of your favorite Apes, Mutants, and Meebits to choose from, as well as an ApeCoin build with over 1000 pieces if you're brave (and patient) enough.”

Take a look at some of the free builds that are available below:

Alongside the 50 free builds on the Forever Apes website, the company also informed the Gazette that they can create custom LEGO instructions for Bored Ape Yacht Club members, allowing them to LEGOify their primate for $100 USD. These instructions will not only guide BAYC members in building their LEGO primate but will also provide them with a list of LEGO pieces they need to purchase from LEGO. "We've found that most builds cost around $25 USD for all the bricks," Forever Apes said.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Forever Apes and will keep you posted on all of their Yugaverse inspired physical items. Stay tuned for updates!

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