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'RESTORING BALANCE': Two Former Special Council Members Proposed Giving Apes, Mutants, Kodas, and Otherdeed Holders More Say At The ApeCoin DAO

Two former Special Council members and an ApeCoin whale have proposed an idea on the ApeCoin DAO’s Discourse page that would give Bored Apes, Mutants, Kodas, and Otherdeed holders more of a say in the DAO’s governance, backed by 13.8 million $Ape votes.

Former ApeCoin DAO Special Council Members Captain Trippy and Gerry, along with ApeCoin whale JRNYCrypto, have put together an Ape Improvement Proposal aimed at granting Yuga Labs NFT holders control of 13.8 million coins each election cycle, in hopes of 'restoring balance' at the DAO, which has seen large delegations and voters make their pressence known.

“This proposal aims to allocate 13.8 Million ApeCoin in voting power to better reflect the contributions and stakes of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Kodas, and Otherdeed holders within our community,” Gerry wrote. “We aim to create a more balanced and representative governance. We aim to create two distinct wallets; one for the monkees and one for the Kodas and the Deeds they keep watch over.The Ape Wallet will have 6.9 million ApeCoin delegated to it by The Ape Foundation. The vote will be controlled by BAYC (2 votes) and MAYC (1 vote) via snapshot.The Otherside Wallet will have 6.9 million ApeCoin delegated to it and will be controlled by Koda (3 votes) and Otherdeed Expanded holders (1 vote).”

Gerry added that passing ApeChain and the Banana Bill were just the beginning, with more significant votes for Otherside coming soon.

“The proposed voting adjustment aims to empower those who were intended to lead The Otherside,” he said. “This change is designed to foster a fairer voting environment, promoting decisions that benefit the broader community and support the long-term health of the ecosystem. The timing is critical as we approach the launch of major initiatives like Otherside and ApeChain.”


Longtime BAYC member MocaChief expressed mixed feelings in the comment section about Apes/Mutants and Otherdeed holders/Kodas having that much power in the DAO. He suggested that if the issue is the Mocaverse community's 6.9 million $Ape voting power, then Moca leadership should be asked to address it.

My thoughts, Vote in 2 phases: 1)Yes or No on the need for this 2) size of delegations, he wrote. “(BEST OPTION) If the main reason for doing this is the Moca Vote reach out to Tyler and have a discussion about decreasing the delegation size… no need to tip toe around it… Moca leadership has always been available to community leaders and the council…Ultimately, mixed emotions on this from a 3 year Yuga holder… best option maybe chat with Mocaverse, otherwise I’d say 13-14M delegation vote is a bit high… could get behind a smaller number. Appreciate the initiative and contributions as always.”

Gerry, Captain Trippy and JRNY’s AIP is currently in the ideas section and $Ape holders have three days to take to the comment section and drop their two Satoshis on this possible proposal.

Apes can read the full proposal here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this idea and will let you know when and if it goes up for a vote. Stay tuned for updates.

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han gu
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