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RIFT-MAS EVE: The 'Hunt' Begins When Rift In The HV-MTL Forge Opens Tomorrow!

It's Rift-mas Eve around the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and every HV-MTL Holder and their Mechs are busy building out their HV-Homes and generating energy in anticipation of Rift opening and the Hunt beginning!

“The time for HVs to Forge their own destiny is near, the BAYC tweeted yesterday along with a new 30 second teaser trailer. “Explore. Battle. Win. Evolve. The Hunt begins on Sept. 7th.”

In the teaser trailer, the BAYC showed that the Mechs will enter the Rift to explore and collect items, fight enemies, and reap rewards!

By doing this, HV-MTL Holders will be able to craft items, upgrade their robots, compete for ApeCoin rewards, and get ready for the final boss battle!

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, in order to go through the Rift and participate in the next phase of the Hunt, players will need to build out their HV-Homes to the point that they can see the ‘Rift’ on their board.

“Before you can go anywhere, you’ll need to get to the Rift,” the BAYC wrote in the guide. “This is the easiest part of your expedition: just build out your tiles into the fog of war (shrouded area) until the Rift Portal is in sight. Off you go.”

Note, players do not need to connect to the 'Rift,' they only need to be able to see it.

“One small change we made here is NOT requiring a direct connection to the rift,” Yuga Labs’ Social Lead Ngbshpend told the community last month when asked how players can participate in the game going forward. “Just need to see it aka build out enough into the dark space. Hopefully this allows for easier entry and more HVs in the rift!”

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you additional coverage of the Hunt before the Rift opens tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates!

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