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'I'M PISSED TOO': Garga Passionately Answered Voyagers Otherside Questions On Discord Today! Find Out More:

Updated: May 19

The early Bored Ape Yacht Club vibes are BAYC as Yuga Labs CEO Garga answered Voyagers' questions in the Otherside Discord, letting his passion for the company he helped build show while discussing everything from Project Dragon to Otherside’s economics!

Weekends aren’t a thing for Garga, who spent his Saturday afternoon fielding questions from community members and letting them know that he’s ‘pissed too’ about how things have gone with Otherside and Yuga Labs after he stepped down as CEO.

“I’m putting my blood sweat and tears into making things happen,” Garga wrote. “Would have been easiest thing in the world to just let top gaming execs hired to do things keep taking things on the path they were one. Do you think you would have gotten a town hall, Project Dragon, Somnia points for their airdrop, ODK released this week if the same people who were in charge of Otherside the past year were in charge the last 60 days? I get it, I’m pissed too, that’s why heads had to roll and why I’ve stepped back in.”

Garga went on to answer Apes and Voyagers questions where reiterated that Otherside will be built on top of ImprobableIo’s M Squared technology and that Yuga Labs’ current Otherside marketing plans are focused on making a good product.

Garga then reiterated that ‘Project Dragon,’ the 12-part monthly Otherside action game that Voyagers will be invited to play starting this July, will have an overarching story and that he and the Yuga Labs team are currently playtesting weapons.

Further, Garga broke down the economy of  Otherside, emphasizing that everything Voyagers do in the metaverse will be denominated in $Ape on ApeChain.

“Otherside economy will happen via ape,” he said. “ So if you want to buy or sell things in-game or monetize ODK, that’s ApeCoin you’re spending on ApeChain. The idea was always to have a central several isalnds where people can congregate and socialize and trade and that’s how we’ve been developing the Agora.”

Finally, Garga ended today’s Q&A by reaffirming that he and the Yuga Labs team are still planning to release 100,000 additional Otherdeeds to Voyagers who helped make the metaverse a reality, but this will not be happening any time soon.


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Garga stepped back in as CEO of Yuga Labs in February 2024, replacing his successor, Daniel Alegre.

Since then, Garga has increased transparency around the swamp, held an Otherside town hall meeting from the metaverse, announced that ImprobableIo is working with Yuga Labs to build Otherside again, among other things.


The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you additional coverage of Garga’s Q&A session with Voyagers today. Stay tuned for updates!


Also, shoutout to @OtherGuidePro for sharing their thread on X earlier today!


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