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SPOOKY SEASON: This Mysterious Buyer Purchased A Zombie Punk for $682K Just In Time For Halloween!

Spooky season around the Yugaverse is extra eerie this year because a mysterious buyer just moved hundreds of Eth and purchased a putrid zombie Punk!

It was a scary Sunday morning across the web3 ecosystem as CryptoPunk #3609 became undead and moved across the blockchain for the first time in years as Wallet 0x8f58b7d6f42e56964ce5c6c2dbd2a5b45db25a5f sold CryptoPunk #3609 to wallet 0x93BafA46753bd03C381FBA48335565BBe479f2c8 for 420 Eth or $682,600 USD.

CryptoPunk #3609 is a two attribute Zombie type Punk with a do-rag and an earring. Based on these traits, CryptoPunk #3609 is the 211th most punk CryptoPunk, according to Rarity Tools.

“Great elite #Cryptopunks modern art museum art piece, valuable blue chip NFT and Veblen good digital luxury item,” CryptoPunk holder Danpolko.Eth tweeted. “All funds, rich investors and institutions are interested in #Cryptopunks.”

At the time of this article’s publication we do not know who owns wallet 0x93BafA46753bd03C381FBA48335565BBe479f2c8 but we do know that they they have a lot of Eth, use Gateio and have a penchant for Punks, according to Etherscan data!

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about this mysterious buyer and will bring you more information when it becomes available. Stay tuned for updates!

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