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SPOTLIGHT: A Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Is Opening "The Bored Cafe" In Switzerland This December

This Bored Ape Yacht Club member is building the most boring café in Switzerland and they need your help with the aesthetic.

BAYC member CryptoJanswiss is set to open “The Bored Café” in Switzerland on December 11, and they want to feature as many Bored Apes in their boring restaurant as possible!

“If you own a @BoredApeYC BAYC or MAYC, post it below in the comments and it will be on display at The Bored Café,” they tweeted on October 20th.

CryptoJanswiis told the Gazette that the goal of the Bored Café is to spread positivity through coffee!

“Great Ideas Start With Coffee,” they said. “The Bored Cafe Is The Start Of Our Journey! We want to bring the early vibes back and we want to create a place IRL where the community can come together.”

Earlier today, the Bored Café took to Twitter and gave the NFT community its first looking at café’s very boring location.

“The Bored Cafe is right at the main railway station in Berne – Switzerland,” TheBoredCafe tweeted along with three images of its location. “At the moment we are working hard for the Opening on SA 12.11.2022! It’s gonna be EPIC! Thanks to all for being part of our journey.”

The Bored Ape that’s displayed on the outside of the Café is Bored Ape #9426. Bored Ape #9426 is a six-trait pink fur primate with pink girl’s hair, heart eyes and a sleeveless tee.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow The Bored Café and will let you know more about its grand opening in December! Stay tuned for updates!

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