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SPOTLIGHT: After Bradley Zastrow’s Marketplace AIP Was Rejected, He Continued to Build!

After a vote at the ApeCoin DAO didn’t go Bradley Zastrow’s way, this Bored Ape Yacht Club member didn’t sulk, he built!

In September, 2022, Zastrow’s X Marketplace, a platform where 100% of marketplace fees in $APE sales are burned and 50% of marketplace fees for all other sales are burned, was one of three different ApeCoin-centric marketplace proposals that the DAO was voting on.

At the time, the community rejected Zastrow’s AIP -187 and decided to go with Snag Solutions’ proposal instead.

Following the vote, Zastrow took to Twitter and thanked the community for its support and promised that he would continue to build X Marketplace despite the outcome!

“Of course a massive thank you to all those who voted in support of AIP87 - your support means a lot but we got the commercial terms wrong,” Zastrow tweeted on September 22nd. “And the $APE community made their voices clear on where their preference is with their vote. But as a wise man once said “Fuck it.” You didn’t really think we were giving up on the $APE ecosystem did you anon?

It’s been four months since Zastrow’s version of a BAYC “Fuck it” tweet, and he and his team have continued to build.

Since the vote in September, X Marketplace now features 26 different collections from the expanded Yugaverse and has been trying to encourage more users to shop via X Marketplace and burn $Ape with every purchase

Over the last four months, X Marketplace has done a little over $1 million USD in sales and has burned 628 $Ape; and, they’re just getting started.

“Certainly not slowing down, and if anything, our track record shows we only step harder on the accelerator,” Zastrow said. “We’re holding a few things to our chest at the moment but we’re looking at a few things: 1) How can we make it easier for users to spend their $APE on X Marketplace? We have a solution that we’re building and excited about. 2) How can we integrate and work closer with other ApeCoin projects? We’ve done that already with Ape Finance and are in talks with other partners. We believe building out interoperability amongst projects, where relevant, will be critical to $APE’s continued growth.”

You can find out more about X Marketplace and check out the platform here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow X Marketplace and Zastrow. Stay tuned for updates!

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