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SPOTLIGHT:BAYC Member & Purple Primate, Reaper,Is Letting Everyone Know Purple Backgrounds Are Elite

After a night of back and forth with his fellow Bored Ape Yacht Club members earlier this year about the best background color, this longtime BAYC member was tickled pink at the prospect of creating his own merchandise inspired by the purple background trait!

BAYC member Reaper has been a member of the club since May 21, 2021, and has always been a staunch supporter for the 1,291 primates that have the purple background trait and make up the Purple Ape Yacht Club!

“All of us in the NFT space have our own trait subgroups (Cheetah Gang, Gold Apes, Pink Ape DAO, etc.) that we use as a form of community engagement,” Reaper said. “The Purple Ape Yacht Club (#PAYC) group chat was formed earlier this year to bring together Apes and Mutants with Purple Background traits. While the Purple Background trait is the one of the most common traits, its owners are anything but common. The #PAYC today includes Yuga’s new CEO @dalegre, our fearless Founder @cryptogarga, multiple Yuga Community Managers & BAYC Council Members, and so many legendary OGs, builders, and contributors to the Ape ecosystem.”

In an effort to signal that purple is the elite background color, Reaper and his fellow purple primates teamed up with NFTees to create customizable purple Ape Yacht Club merch!

“What better way to show that Purple backgrounds are the best backgrounds than with custom merch to show off at future events,” Reaper said. “ With help from the #PAYC and our partners at @NFTees_com , I was able to finalize a design that allows full customization for every owner to have their own Ape or Mutant featured on the back of the shirt.”

BAYC members can customize either the white or the black PAYC shirts and place their Apes on the back inside the Purple Ape logo, even if their primate’s background color is not purple!

“I mean, sure, we welcome anyone,” Reaper said. “Especially the Apes with Orange backgrounds who are looking to convert to something a little bit better.”

Apes who are interested in purchasing a PAYC shirt and do so here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Reaper and the PAYC and will let you know what they do next!

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