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SPOTLIGHT: Find Out More About The Bored Ape Singapore Club& See What They've Been Up To

These Singaporean Bored Apes are anything but boring and have been making waves in the physical world since August 2022!

The Bored Ape Singapore Club, which was founded by Bored Ape Yacht Club member Xeer, is a group of 200+ BAYC members who love good vibes and Jpegs!

From their Brunch club events to their APEHOUSE parties, it’s clear that these Singapore based Bored Apes are anything but bored over on the sunny tropical island!

Take a look at the group’s last APEHOUSE event from 2022:

Along with hosting get togethers and parties, the BASC is also working to create in real life use cases and opportunities for its members to utilize their IP.

BASC member JayeFunk, recently launched a a project called” Bored & Boozy craft beer,” that gave BASC members the chance to have their Apes featured on beer cans and merch!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the BASC and will keep you posted on what the group does next! Be sure to follow the BASC on Twitter @BAYCSG

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